Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Home to Georgia - Part One

Well, I’m finally able to get here to blog about my trip home with Brit Boy. Sorry it has taken me a few days, but alas, offline life has needed my attention quite a bit lately :-) As I wrote in my last post, our washing machine was making some strange sounds that day and the sounds just got a thousand times worse. Since we are renters, we’ve had to do a lot of phone tag with the landlord’s liaison in order to get the washing machine fixed. It has been maddening because it seems that their phones don’t work to call us back or something (rolling eyes)…LOL. They operate like this every time. So we’re steadily working on getting them to send a repair person out or just tell us something. We’re still waiting :-) In the meantime; I’ve been trying to keep ahead of the mounting laundry and other things. So that’s where I’ve been :-)

Anyway, on to much better things and my story about what we got up to back home in Georgia. We had a WONDERFUL time! It was so relaxing and just what we both needed. Brit Boy and I needed a vacation and we got that and I just simply needed to go home and feel that feeling for a while :-)

We headed out from Heathrow on Friday, November 20th and flew across the Atlantic. It was exciting because I hadn’t been home in over three years :-) We arrived in Atlanta and my sister and niece were there to pick us up. It was dark when we arrived so it was hard to see how much things had changed. Still some changes were evident and it made me realize how much things can change in three years and how some things don’t change and stay there as a comfort :-) I was tired but happy when we turned onto the street where I grew up. We got to my other sister’s house, had a bite to eat and then headed to bed a while after.

The next day, Saturday, we got up and took a walk around outside. The weather was great and so we walked around the corner to where I grew up. My sisters and their families all live in various houses on the land that my family has owned for over a hundred years. So it’s easy to walk from house to house. It’s fun :-) Brit Boy and I reveled in the mild weather and calm scenery. Here’s a photo of the huge magnolia tree that I loved to climb when I was a little girl. It was there long before I was born and was always a favorite place to play :-)

I’ll share more photos of our walks that we took in my next posts. I figure that I’ll spread the story of our trip home over three more posts so they won’t go too long, like this post will probably go :-)

In the afternoon, we went to meet up with my best friend Colette. We met in downtown Decatur, which is in the metro Atlanta area. Downtown Decatur is an interesting and eclectic area. There are several shops, restaurants, and artsy places. It’s cool. We went to Nathalie’s. It’s a neat Key West-inspired restaurant.

It was so good to see Colette. We met a few years ago at work and we found that we have a lot in common. She likes to write and so do I so we vibe a lot over things like this. Brit Boy and I gave her a desk calendar that we designed and a handmade card. I’ll share more about our calendars on another post. She loved both. She gave me some gifts too…a teapot and candles. It was a great time.

The best part was the conversation. As you all know, there’s nothing like connecting with an old friend :-) It was a great way to spend an afternoon into evening as the sun went down. I needed to talk to her and there she was. What could be better…my best girlfriend and my best guy friend, Brit Boy, there with me sharing fun times! The rest of our visit, we spent all of the time with family since we haven’t been there in so long, but I had to connect with Colette because she’s like a sister to me :-) I’m hoping that next time I can see more of my other friends too.

As I mentioned earlier, Colette writes too and has a blog called Coco Thoughts. Coco is her nickname. She’s new to blogging. I hope that you will check her place out :-) She has a wonderful way about her and she has a kind spirit.

This is a mini milestone I guess because this will be the first time that I show my face on my blog. No time like the present huh? :-) So here I am! This is ME! :-)

Well that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the beginning of our trip. I’ll definitely share more stories and photos in a couple of days. Talk to you later! :-) Have a great day!


Kicha said...

I've been following your blog especially during my transition from the States to the UK. Nice to put a face to the 'Yellow House' author. Great seeing you and great blog.

My Mom is Athens, Georgia. And though she's lived in Washington DC majority of her life she's still a Georgia Peach through and through.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Howdy! Nice picture! I've yet to show my face, maybe someday..... Sounds like you had a great trip.

Agnes said...

Nice picture!!!
Sounds like a great trip. I love everything about Georgia :-)

heidi said...

I love the magnolia tree! Wow such wonderful memories you have! I love your picture!! You are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your trip and learn more about you. I think it's so cool that your family all live so close to each other.

I love the pictures of you, but I already knew you were beautiful.

I just got back to Cornwall today. It's always hard to leave Atlanta and my family there, but knowing John is waiting for me in the UK makes it less painful.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your visit.

Lenox Knits said...

Sounds like a great day! You are lovely and I agree it's nice to have a face to put with a blog.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Ahh...so that's what you look like:)

Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Dori said...

I'm so glad to have you visit me and I hope that your transition to the UK goes great :) Yeah, my face is finally out here :)

It's interesting about your mom, I think it's once a Georgia Peach, always a Georgia Peach :) I'm going to follow your blog too so that I can follow your journey. Welcome :)

Valdese Blogger,

Glad you like my picture :) I look forward to seeing your face one day soon too. Yes, it was a fabulous trip!

Glad you like my photo :) You're right, Georgia is a great place. But then I'm biased ;-) So glad that you visit me here.

Yeah, I love that tree and when it's in bloom it is amazing to see. It must be well over 40 feet tall and I just loved playing there. It's beautiful in the moonlight :) You are so sweet about my picture. Thank you. You are so beautiful too dear Heidi :)

Gifts of the Jounrey,
Yeah, it's so great to be able to walk from house to house on a series of paths :) You and Heidi are gonna make me blush...thanks for your kind words about my picture.

I know exactly what you mean about leaving family behind. But I know you also enjoy living in lovely Cornwall with John :) So glad that you had a safe trip home.

Lenox Knits,
Yes, we had a great time :) I'm so glad that this trip home was my chance to put my face on my blog finally. Thanks for your kind words.

Soap Seduction,
Yep this is me! :-) I hope you enjoy the rest of my going home posts. Thanks for stopping by.

Mrs Sweetwater said...

Wow Arent't You a Gorgeous Georgia Peach. Girly now you're cookin with gas, when you get the hubby and the roots together like grits in a pot.

A Big God Bless Ya ! I love anybody who puts flowers on their family graves and still considers their connections to their ancestors to be ACTIVE. Yes Baby They are Here Today and Always. I bet Brit Boy knows it's all live.

so how was ya sweet tea ? wish I knew you were commin so I could have left a lil something for you at the store. our shop is in Cumberland Mall and it would have been a pleasure. holla before you jump the pond next time sweets, so we can make that connection. I was in tampa most of the end of november. back in motown now. pshaw. I'll try to holla at you in January when I'm in Paris; if i get an extra day to chunnel

Duni said...

Hello Dori!
Nice to meet you, finally!!!
Those are very lovely pictures, and you look so cute :)
I also read part two, and I must say the shrimp you had look divine! Yummy!

Dori said...

RE Ausetkmt,
I'm blushing...lol. Thanks dear :) You are sweet. And you're so right...those we love are always here with us :)

The sweet tea was delish ;-) I'll definitely let you know when we come across again. I'd love to meet you and see your shop at Cumberland Mall. It's a date! Ooh la la! Loving the Paris thing. Let me know when you're around :) Talk to you later!

Hey there :) So glad you liked the pics. Yes, that shrimp was amazing! Thanks for dropping :)