Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello all :-) Sorry that I’ve been away from my blog for several days, but I’ve been working on school work again and spare time has been fleeting. But I’m glad to be back here again. I missed you all. I want to do a bit of catching up here in this post.

Back on the 9th of this month, Lindsay at Confessions of a Bookworm, gave me a wonderful award and I’m truly grateful :-) Thanks Lindsay! Please stop by and visit her. She’s a book lover like I am and I love her blog. She gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Isn't it pretty?

As part of the rules, I’m supposed to tell seven interesting things about myself. Well, I’ m here scratching my head….lol. Uh, well I don’t know how interesting my list will be, but here goes. I love a challenge.

#1: I can play the flute, although I haven’t played in well over ten years, but I’m hoping to pick it up again in the near future.

#2: I love books and I often daydream about having built-in bookshelves in our house when we build it and I daydream about how they will look. I browse magazines a lot looking for just the right style. I'm excited to be able to give my books their own home, especially a couple of books that I’ve had since I was a little girl.

#3: I love watching scary movies and mysteries. I don’t like blood and gore movies, but I love a good scary movie on a Friday or Saturday night.

#4: I have a stamp collection that I haven’t organized. It’s still in a pouch and longs for a scrapbook home of its own.

#5: I am toying with the idea of coloring my hair. My hair in naturally jet black and I have played around with streaking it lighter in the past. But I don’t think I’ll do that again. I’m thinking of giving it a warm brown hue to waken up my winter look. It’s something to do…LOL. Of course, I may wait until spring or not do it all…decisions…decisions.

#6: I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m running out of things to list here…LOL. So I’ll say it again. I’ve been an extra in both a movie and a commercial when I was in my early twenties. It was easy money and it was fun.

#7: I love cheese wayyyy too much ;-)

Now, I’d like to pass this along to anyone who wants to take it. I love the community of readers and commenters here, and that’s beautiful to me! So to all of you beautiful bloggers, please take this award with you. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love a good mystery too. Don't need all the blood and gore. It takes more talent to make it good without all that crap in my opinion. :O)

Katherine said...

So nice to learn even more about such a lovely friend. Hugs!

Katherine said...

oops forgot to say congratulations on your award. Well deserved as always.

Mrs Sweetwater said...

awwww you are a beautiful blogger; so that award is well deserved.

Mike Golch said...

congrats on the award.I'll take number 1)I can subistute the Hammered Dulcimer.

JudyH329 said...

Glad to see you finally receive credit! Your pictures are awesome! And what you write isn't half bad either! lol

Jacqueline said...

Congrats on your award Dori. I always enjoying reading what you have to share.

tahtimbo said...

I played the clarinet when I was in school, but I haven't played it since. It would be nice to start again, though. As for scary movies, have you sen Paranormal Activity? No gore, but it is plenty scary.
I hope you have a terrific weekend:)

SE'LAH... said...

i've never played an instrument but i so love music. one day, i say.

so nice learning more about you.

thanks for always stopping by and keeping in touch.

one love.

Krystal Grant said...

Congratulations! Isn't it nice to be recognized? Keep Posting.

Unknown said...

How sweet! I don't mind if I do...just kidding. Congratulatios. you know I've often told you how warm and cozy I feel whenever I visit.

Gotta admit I love a super scary movie too. The nailbiting edge of your seat kind of scary...not the blood and gore...those are just yuck :)

Agnes said...

Congratulations :-)
And you can play the flute -- wow!

Dori said...

I completely agree...forget the blood and gore :-)

Hey there. Glad you enjoyed my list and thanks for the congrats :)

RE Ausetkmt,
Thanks dear :) You're so kind.

Thanks and Mike, I think one of these days we'll have to do some kind of online duet :-)

You are Thanks for the congrats :)

Thanks dear :) You have always been so supportive from the very beginning. I truly appreciate you always stopping by to visit me.

You'll have to join me and Mike's online music group ;-) I wanted to see Paranormal Activity, but I missed it. I've heard that it was good. I'm gonna have to check that one out. I hope you had a great weekend too :)

I know you'd make beautiful music since you have such a beautiful spirit :) I love visiting you. One Love.

Thanks and you're so right. I'll keep at it :)

I hope you did take the award :) You're one of my faves! And I'm so glad that my blog is a comforting place for you. I'm so glad to find out that there are others out there like me who love a good fright without the blood and gore. Have a great day!

Dori said...

Thanks :) And yeah, I started playing when I was about twelve. I'm gonna have to pick it up again though. I miss playing.

Deidre said...

Seriously, how good is cheese?