Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Foods That I Eat Here #1

Usually on this blog I share photos and descriptions of the many places that Brit Boy and I go to or I will tell you what I’ve been doing around the Yellow House. But I don’t very often tell you about some of the foods that I’ve taken to eating since I moved to England. By the way, on Friday, I will have been living here four years!!! I know it’s cliché to say this, but time really does fly. The fact that it’s four years is really wild to me.

Anyway, back to my story. Okay so…different foods in England. Well, usually I just eat things that I ate back home in the United States since I can get an equivalent here sometimes. And I’ve become very good at adapting recipes from home now, so I still can have some of my favorite dishes from back home. Then there are some things that I just have to enjoy when I'm back home in Georgia. I guess that's the beauty of adapting :-) The rest of the time I'm just enjoying the different tastes here.

From time to time I’m going to share some of my favorite foods that I’ve taken to eating here. I guess I'll call the series...ah, "Foods That I Eat Here" ;-) I hope this will give you all more of a picture of my life here…on the food side of things.

I’m not much of a bread lover and I’ve never really been one. But I must admit that I have developed an interest in bread, especially when it’s topped with one of my favorite foods…cheese!!

This is a cheese bap and from time to time I will buy some of these when we’re at the supermarket. It’s not something I could eat every day, but every now and then, I’ll buy a few.

Some of you from back home or elsewhere may be wondering about the name ‘bap’ when it looks like a roll. Well here they call this type of roll a bap. The name ‘bap’ is often used to describe a soft roll and it can come in different shapes and flavors depending on the region. They also sell plain baps without cheese here. Apparently, the word ‘bap’ dates from the 16th century. I wasn't able to find out the word's origin though.

This one I have in the picture is from this morning and it’s my last one for a while. Boo hoo! LOL. Oh well, it was good and I’m sure that if I had them all the time I’d get truly sick of them and I wouldn’t be able to get my hips down the stairs ;-)

A little piece of wonderful….one of my new favorites and it incorporates cheese…I was a happy woman this morning ;-) I’ll share more new favorites in the future!

P.S. – Please check out my other blog. I have a post there about a company that’s selling t-shirts and the proceeds go to help those in Haiti.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Interesting. I love bread to the point where I have to have it with almost every meat I consume. I would definitely try this (I'm such a pig...)

Unknown said...

I love bread and I love cheese but mostly separately..except for cheese biscuits ..what about marmite? have you tried the Chicken flavored (American spelling :| ) crisps? hmmmm

A Valdese Blogger said...

I remember, with a slight bit of horror mixed with the fond nostalgia of an earlier life, something called "Bread Pudding".

tahtimbo said...

That looks really good. I, too am a major cheese fan. I wouldn't mind having that for breakfast now and then.

Vixen said...

Now I really want a cheese bap. I'm nearly starving just from the description!

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

I am addicted to Fish and Chips shops. yeahhh, I admit I eat that greasy deliciousness alot. I once spent an extra day in Blackpool because I ate too much. ooooo ooooohhhhh.

Are you going to Brixton anytime soon ? if so let me put you onto a great curry shop. let me know when you are going so I can line up a few spots for you. it's well worth saving a few calories for, to splurge in the deliciousness.

and I hate bangers and mash because they are grey. unlike our hotlinks which in the us we steam rather than boil until they are tasteless, tough and yucky.

some british food is so bland. but the best steak I ate last in london was at Browns. yes Browns.

living in london meant cooking alot for me. I just didn't find much to eat, that I enjoyed unless I cooked it myself. I like it spicy and thats just not english. obtw I hate marmite with a passion.

how do you like Marmite ?

Deidre said...

How I love cheese.

As someone who cannot eat bread, I haven't been able to try a lot of the Aussie bread treats (sad).

I cannot find canned black beans here though - and it's killing me. KILLING ME.

Lidian said...

We have these in Canada too! I didn't know that they were English...Last time I was over in England visiting the in-laws, we found the most amazing quorn sausages, 60 cals each and SO good. I know it sounds weird but they were excellent.

Dori said...

You would love it. It's really tasty :-)

Ooh, I love cheese biscuits too ;-) I've tried marmite and I was not a fan. LOL. I haven't tried the chicken flavored crisps/chips though. I do love some other flavors. I'll have to blog about them soon :)

Valdese Blogger,
Yeah, it's okay, but I'm not crazy about it :)

Yeah, isn't cheese great! :) I think you'd really enjoy this bap. It's really satisfying.

LOL. Yeah, I'm getting hungry for one now myself ;-)

Yeah, I love those fish and chips from time to time too :) I'd love to know about the curry shop and anywhere else you know about. And I've still gotta find out about the cafe you mentioned in Paris. We'll talk ;-) See, you got me salivating for hotlinks. LOL. I love spicy things too. Like you I cook a lot of my own things. And yes, I really don't like Marmite ;-)

Cheese...glorious cheese :) I know what you mean about not being able to find certain things.

Cool! I love finding stuff like that out. I'll have to try those quorn sausages :)

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Oh, Dori, how I wish I weren't "much of a bread lover." If I ever become obese it will be because of bread. I'm a breadaholic, and I happen to be very good at making homemade bread, so I eat a LOT of bread. It's completely out of control! You are very fortunate indeed.