Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A New Room In the Yellow House

Hey everybody! I wanted to share some news. Today I started an additional blog called Yellow House Views that I'd love for you to visit and check out if you have a moment.

This original blog here is my great love and I really enjoy telling you the story of my home life with Brit Boy, along with stories about my expat experience. I will still be posting all of that good stuff here along with my photos. So please continue to visit me here if you can :-)

My newest blog is going to be for other things. I will post there about things that I come across that I find interesting and want to share. Sometimes I will do reviews and sometimes I will just write about other things that don't fit in with my current expat blog here. So I hope you'll come by and take a look.

I just wrote my first post over there and it's about a great site called Fashion Playtes, where girls can design their own outfits. It's really cool and I just wish that it had been around when I was a girl :-) Please take a look if you have a moment.

In other news, tomorrow is my two year blogoversary here at From A Yellow House In England, so I hope you'll stop by to help me celebrate. There's a prize for the celebration!

I'll be back tomorrow with my party hat on. Have a great rest of the day! :-)


Anonymous said...

Your new blog sounds great! Congrats! :O)

Dori said...

Thank you! :)


Can't wait to see your new blog!!! How exciting!!!

tahtimbo said...

I'll drop by and pay a visit!! Oh, congratulations on the two years! That is great news.

Jacqueline said...

Two years...WOW. Congrats! :-) I love the new blog idea.

Mike Golch said...

Dori,I'm on my way over to check it out.

Dori said...

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
I hope you enjoy visiting :)

Thanks for the congrats! And I hope you enjoy visiting me over there too :)

Thanks for the congratulations and I'm hoping the new blog will be a great new outlet :)

Okay...thanks for the support! :)