Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day everyone! :-)

I love this picture of our planet. It reminds me of how precious our life here is.

And I just love the green wildness of this picture. It makes me happy. This is from back home in Georgia. It just makes me think of life...

Have a wonderful day everybody! :-)


Mike Golch said...

that photo really shows the wonder that we on the Third Rock call home.

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

That's a beautiful picture indeed my friend. Happy Green Earth Day Dori and Brit Boy. it's bright and sunny in Atlanta today. a perfect day for a picnic in Piedmont Park.

Ivanhoe said...

I completely forgot it was an Earth Day today. And 40th anniversary, too. I'm a knucklehead. Happy Earth Day to you, Dori :o)
I love that Georgia pic. I always thought it was a painting. It is so colorful and rich.
Hugs from Ohio,

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! I think we all should appreciate the beautiful home we have. :)

jenn said...

Very pretty pictures!

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful imagines..every day above ground reminds me how lucky we are to be here ;) Have a great weekend!

Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

With these great pictures and the few lines from you, you remind me how much we have to be grateful for Dori.

Have a great weekend.

Duni said...

The earth and all living beings on it are beautiful and should be treasured!

JudyH329 said...

Today it was rainy in Alabama. There's something about spring rain that makes the greens deeper and more apparent. The many shades of green at the moment, are so beautiful.

Anne said...

What great photos. Thank you for sharing them. I never think of Georgia as that green and wild.

Dori said...

Absolutely :-)

RE-Recycled Frockery,
I'll bet it's lovely back there :)
Hugs to you!

Yeah, that photo from Georgia is real. I took it years ago with an old camera I had. I always thought it looked like a painting too :) It just astounded me that day how truly colorful that whole scene was. It was at the edge of my mother's yard/garden. This photo reminds me of her. Hugs to you too my friend :)

So glad you liked the photos and you're so right, we should appreciate this beautiful world :)

Thank you :-)

You said it all...absolutely :) I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

You're so right. Sometimes the images say everything that needs to be said :)Hope you had a great weekend!

So true! :-)

Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean :) That spring rain just cleanses things and it's like the new spring green just glows!

So glad you liked the photos. Oh yeah, it can be very green in Georgia, especially this time of the year :) I'm so glad I could share this with you. Hugs!

William K Wallace said...

Looking at those pictures has made me suddenly want to escape from the madness of London city life.... Thankfully I'm only a short bus ride away from Hampstead Heath where it will seem like I'm almost in the middle of the countryside...

Dori said...

I know what you mean...sometimes you just have to take a breather don't you :)