Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I just wanted to post a short Easter greeting to all of you who celebrate :-) I love the renewal of spring and recalling my memories of Easter when I was growing up. When I was growing up, we had Easter speeches that we did in church, which were short pieces of poetry that we performed in a special program on the day.

Those memories stay with me all of these years later because it was a time of simplicity and community. I'm glad to have had that experience in my life. Also, I love poetry, so getting to speak it in public was so fun for me, even though I was a shy child. But I simply came alive while I recited the words, because it was doing something that I loved :-)

So I hope that you all enjoy this day, whether you celebrate Easter or not. Have a glorious Sunday! :-)


Unknown said...

wishing you a happy easter also!


VaBookworm87 said...

Happy Easter! We don't really celebrate it, but my neighbor invited my brother and I over for Easter dinner since my parents are gone camping :o) I hope you have a great day!

MtnGrl said...

I had that same experience growing up! I think that's why I'm comfortable with public speaking, because I was doing it twice a year from the age of 5 or so in the front of the church. Thanks for resurrecting such nice memories.
Happy Easter Monday!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a glorious day!

Stefan said...

A happy easter to you too. Here in Australia, we're lucky enough to get time off (a four day weekend) to spend time with family and truly appreciate what it's all about.


Melissa said...

I'm loving your blog! Really interesting and amusing, too. I think it's really cute that you refer to your husband as "Brit Boy", as I also refer to my boyfriend on other forums as "Bristol Boy". Haha. :)