Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Sunshine Award

Hello everyone :-) I wanted to pass out a little bloggy love today, since it has been passed along to me by Elizabeth at Eof737’s Mirth and Motivation and I want to thank her so much. She passed the lovely Sunshine Award along to me and I’m so honored because I love her blog…it’s like a breath of fresh air to me :) So please drop by and visit her wonderful blog.

This award honors and supports bloggers and its goal is to spread goodwill and to pay it forward to twelve other bloggers. I’m excited to pass this blog award back to Elizabeth and also to the following twelve blogs:

From Ohio With Love
Mama ASID's Entrepod
Necessary Room
Krystal Grant's Guide To Life
Writing to Survive
Operation You
Maitri's Heart
Health Nut Wannabee Mom
Blogging Baby Boomer
Coco Thoughts

All of these ladies inspire me in their own special ways, so it’s my honor to pass the Sunshine Award along to them :-)

Here are a few instructions for paying this award forward:
#1 Nominate 12 bloggers
#2 Put the award logo/photo onto your sidebar or within a post
#3 Link the nominees within your post
#4 Let the nominees know that they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog
#5 Share the love and, if feasible, link the sidebar logo to the person from whom you’ve received this award

Congratulations ladies! And if anyone else wants to share the Sunshine Award, please feel free to take it with you and pay it forward! :-) Have a joyful day!


maitrilibellule said...


Thank you so much for this award. I am deeply honored and put it in my sidebar with a link back to you. You made my day!

Blessings and a big hug!


P.S. I know I haven't done this quite right but I never put anything in the main body of my posts but my posts so there was no room to put other blogs but there's a link back to your blog. I love your blog and wanted to celebrate it!

Diane said...

Hope all is well with you. Hugs :O)

Krystal Grant said...

Thanks Dori, I guess since I got the sunshine award that makes me HOT! LOL.

Dori said...

You are so welcome! :) I'm so glad I could make your day because you do the same for me whenever I visit you! I totally understand about how you do things at your blog and I'm honored that you linked to me in your sidebar. You're the best! Hugs to you :)

Hey there. I hope you're well too and hugs back to you :)

You are funny! LOL. You hot mama you! :)

Mike Golch said...

Dori,Congrats on your award.

SE'LAH... said...

does this means I'm HOT too? ;)

I'm so honoured Dori! You are too good to me.

Sending lots of love your way.

Ivanhoe said...

Dori, thank you so much for thinking of me :)
I guess I'm hot, too! Have a great night and I talk to you soon.

Carolina Esguerra Colborn said...

may i see a pic of your yellow house? yellow is my favorite color!

BLOGZOOM said...
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BLOGZOOM said...

Dori, I was so excited that left tears of joy! YES, I feel surprise and happy too!

I usually do this kind of post with friends in Brazil, Portugal and Japan. Imagine what joy I feel honored. I have an American friend, I'll invite her, I know I'll be happy. this is Globalization!
So get ready I'll come back to tell you! Thank you very much.

Blessings and a big hug!


Oh Dori this means so much coming from you!!! I love your blog and feel inspired by who you are as a person! Will get this up with much joy this week on my blog!!!!!! Made my week!!!!!! Congratulations on you receiving this award as you truly have one of the best blogs out there~!!!!!

Anne said...

Congrats on your award.

Operaton You said...

Thanks Dori!! You have an incredible list of wonderful spirtis there and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Spreading the sunshine from witin is so powerful!!!

Love ya!!

j said...

Dori -- First, I have to say that your blog is such a sunny place and you always spread goodwill throughout the blogosphere. I'm lucky to know you!

And thank you for passing a bit of bloggy love on to me. Writing to Survive is in good company.

Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

Dori it seems you made my day too. I'm honored. This is the first time for me. Elizabeth passed this sunshine award to me too.

I have so much to learn yet about blogging, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me. My blog need so much improvement still.
Warm regards,

RE - Entrepod said...

OMGGGGGGGG, Thanks for the Sunshine Sweetie ! I'll have to get the rules and the award figured out for later this weekend. awww, thanks again.

BLOGZOOM said...

Dori, my sweet friend, I wrote it feeling emotioned:



Jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,
Thanks for thinking of me. I love the name of the award! It's beautiful. And congrats to you for receiving such an honor. :-)

Dori said...

Thank you :)

Yes lady, you're hot too ;-) Sending love back to you!

You're welcome :) And yes, lots of hotness going on ;-)

You know, I don't have a photo of our yellow house. Guess I'll have to take one one day :) We live in a small terraced house which is light yellow. Terraced houses are quite common here. A house like ours is one in a row of houses. And ours is the yellow one :)I hope that gives you a bit of an idea. Thanks for visiting me.

Aww, you're so sweet :) It really touches me that you liked the award so much my friend. And yes, I love the global feel of blogging too. It's my favorite thing about it all...connecting with people everywhere :) It's what we are here for I believe...to reach out to each other. Big hugs to you too!

Health Nut Wannabee Mom,
I'm so glad I could pass this along to you and wow, you've made my day with your kindness. Thank you! :) You're the best!

Thanks :)

Yes, I do...all of these ladies including you are great lights in this world! :) Keep on shining! Love ya too!

That is so kind of you to say and spurs me on to keep blogging. I'm lucky to know you :) Your writing always inspires me to write more and better. Thank you.

You are so welcome :) And I'm glad you got this twice. I'm always here to support you my friend.

You're welcome dear :) You inspire me so much. Much love to you!

Hugs to you my sweet friend! :) I'm so glad we've connected. Your writing is a joy to read!

You're welcome :) Yes, I loved the name too...it just made me feel happy! You inspire me so much too. Thank you for being you :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! I love your blog, and I look forward to the sunshine that you bring when you write. Thank you!

Peace and prosperity!

Melissa said...

Hi, Dori! I just wanted to drop by to let you know that you've won a blogger award! You can claim it at: http://americangirlinbristol.blogspot.com/2010/05/honest-scrap-award.html

I hope you enjoy the award and that you have a great weekend! :)

Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

Dori Congratulations with yet an other award! It's so great to read this and all the other bloggers you made so happy supporting them all.

You rock girl!!!
Enjoy your new award too.

Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

Dori, Congratulations with yet an other Award.

Enjoy it.
It's so great to see how supportive you all are to each other. I love to read all these comments with gratitude!
I just love it!

Dori said...

Thanks for the congrats! :) You are so kind and supportive!

Wow! Thanks so much! :) I will come by and pick it up. I hope you had a great weekend.

Thanks for the congratulations :) Yes, the sense of community in the blogging world is one of my favorite things. It's great to give support and receive support from so many. I feel very blessed. Lots of love to you my friend :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dori, the sunshine awards in Brazil is being a sucess absolutely! See how nice one of the comments I received today:

"You know how very special and blessed, right? I think the title of "fairy" was not born for no reason! You have the gift even illuminate the hearts and spread all the noble feelings at once! I take this opportunity, since it is not late for that ... lol ... thank you for the wonderful energy that you spread here on Newsvine with Sunshine. I think in some ways, I was a little careless with you. I am preparing for the official apology. You must wait!
Big kiss, fairy, beautiful poet and Sissy! Jackie"

P.S.: The success of this awards is being propagated in the Brazilian news site called Dihitt

So... this was so cute, so nice, it is to everybody: FRIENDS AROUND THIS WORLD!


Dori said...

This makes me SO happy to hear that the Sunshine Award is such a success in Brazil. This warms my heart :-) And it's so true...friends around the world...that's what it's all about! Thank you for letting me know of the love this is spreading! Hugs to you!

ElizOF said...

Well, well Dori,
Congratulations and I am thrilled you got such a wonderful reception for your award.You definitely deserved it and ditto your choice of bloggers. Kudos to you! :-)