Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Deer and Candy

I'm still here, back home in Georgia and everything has been lots of fun. I've been really getting around and hanging out with my niece and sister. Sometimes I've forgotten my camera, but I guess that I'm just getting lost in the fun :-)

My sisters and their families live right near each other on land that my great grandparents bought way back in the late 1890s. So for a long while my extended family has been living on that land. One of the good things about it is that even though you are close by everyone, there is still privacy because their are woods in between and space between the houses, so it works out fine. One thing I love are the paths that we have through the woods. This way, we can go from house to house and not have to take the main road.

The other morning, I was headed from one house to the other and I happened to catch sight of two baby deer. I fumbled to get my camera out because I had my hands full with other things too. Luckily though, the deer stayed around longer than I expected. When I finally got my camera out I snapped these quick photos. They're a little washed out, but you can still see these two cute little ones :-) Seeing them was a perfect way to start the day.

One of them eventually ran away into the woods, but this one stuck around a while longer.

Yesterday, I went to the outlet center with two of my sisters and my niece. It was great fun. I bought a few things, but my favorite things were these little candies. I'm easily amused ;-)

Actually my niece and I shared these. They taste great. They are slightly sweet and yet sour. Love them!!! :-) I'm feeling like a kid again these days!

Until next time...and hey I'm gonna keep my camera closer by ;-)


Mike Golch said...

Dori,it is good to feel like a kid again.I started doing some thing that i have not done in a long time.I started to play my Hammered Dulicmer again.When i get a tune down good enought I will use our camera phone to record it and up load the video.

Brit Boy said...

I want candy!!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your visit home! Are you going to get to Buckhead, the Center for Puppetry Arts or the Varsity or take lots of pictures of all the Peachtree signs or just hang out with the family:)?!

Diane said...

We have deer right in my back yard too. Happy trip! :O)

Jacqueline said...

That looks like my backyard and yes, sometimes it looks like the Serengeti National Park. lol

BLOGZOOM said...

Dori, I read some earlier texts to understand and you are traveling now. I understand you went to visit your family and friends and is very happy with this. The place that you're very quiet, I wonder how much is a relaxing stroll in the woods and still be able to be in touch with nature. These photos remind me when I was in Möll, Germany, and saw many deers. I wish you well enjoy your week.
P.S.: As the World Cup games are very exciting, cos the favourites have started well and then are no longer playing so well. Tomorrow will play in Brazil again, let's see what will give!!!!!!!!!


Mervat said...

Dori, you sound so content to be home. I am very happy for you. I love the way you describe your family's land and how it is now shared by your sisters. This is very special indeed.


PS Have some extra lollies on my behalf!

Nieves said...

Dori, you seem you are really taking advantage of yor family holidays in Georgia, even with the cute deers! keep on having fun!

RE - Entrepod said...

Which Outlet Mall did you hit Hon ? the one off North or South 75 ?

Duni said...

Glad you're having lots of fun, Dori.
Those deer are so beautiful - lucky you caught them with your camera just in time!

ElizOF said...

How are you lady,
The pictures of the deer are priceless! We have deer in our yard too. Long time no hear? Are you back in the UK yet or are still in the US. What's new with you and how's your blogging life? Things seem quiet lately so I guess everyone is on vacation but me. LOL!

Dori said...

Absolutely! I try to feel like a kid everyday :) So glad that you started back playing your hammered dulcimer. I'd love to hear you play. I can't wait to see and hear the video :)

Brit Boy,

I enjoyed it so much! I mostly hung out with family and friends. I saw people that I hadn't seen in many years and it was so renewing for me. I loved it! :)

Aren't deer just the most beautiful creatures?! :)

LOL. I told my sister her back yard looks like a park sometimes! :)

Yes, it was very relaxing. It's very peaceful there and so beautiful. I look forward to visiting Germany one day to see its beauty :)

And I hope that Brazil go all the way!!!! :) Kisses!

The Writing Instinct,
Yes, it was so satisfying. It was good to be back on that soil that was home to my great grandparents in the very beginning :)

Thanks! I had a wonderful, wonderful time! :)

We went to the one on South 75 in Locust Grove. I LOVE it there! It was so fun to have a good walk around and buy a few things :) And I had ice cream too...I was a happy bunny...LOL!

Yeah, I was amazed that I caught them even after I had to fumble to get my camera. LOL. They just hung out like they weren't afraid at all :)

I'm doing great! How are you? :) I just love that all the deer are hanging out with all of us everywhere :) I'm back in the UK and I am getting back in the swing of things now. I'll be stopping by your place for sure my friend. I know what you mean, it does seem that things slow down during the summer months. I thought it was just my blog. LOL. We'll keep each other company. Love to you!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Awesome, that your family has kept land since the 1890s that means something. I love gummy candy like that. I would like some right now.

Dori said...

Jewelry Rockstar,
You are so right...I often think about what it must have been like for my ancestors to hold on through all those years :) It gives me strength when I think I can't do something. And that candy was SO good...I would have loved to share it with you :)