Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quaintness, The Moon, and Rocking

Today I want to share more photos and thoughts about my trip back home to Georgia. This post is gonna be kind of random and photo blog-ish, but since it’s hard to remember things day by day, I figure this is the best way to share a bit of my trip with you all :-) I hope you enjoy taking a look.

I took some photos as we were driving along like I often do when I’m here in England. I love catching things on the fly even when they come out blurry ;-) I enjoy that for some reason. Anyway, on one of our road trips, I snapped a picture of this shed/barn. I just thought it looked really quaint and rural :-)

Here’s dinner from one day. You all know how I love taking pictures of food ;-) Funnily enough though, this is the only food picture that I took the whole time…I’m slipping. LOL. Anyway, my sister prepared this meal for me one day. It was really tasty.

One evening I went outside as the sun was going down just so I could enjoy it all. I love this magical time of the day :-) I was greeted by this pretty sky with a bit of the moon there to set it off. It was so beautiful to experience the peacefulness of it all. I loved the color of the clouds as the sun bounced its light off of them.

I took these pictures one morning as I stood on my sister’s carport. The light in her yard in the mornings was amazing. I loved the peace of it all.

I love rocking chairs because there’s nothing like sitting in one on a front porch and just letting the motion take you off on a trip of pure relaxation :-) The morning light loved the rockers too!

Thanks for coming along with me as I show you back home. Next time I’ll share more pictures from my journey!


Diane said...

Great pictures! :O)

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

Wowww Dori, those are some amazing photos. you should really start about submitting to publications. Very Nice My Friend, Very Nice Indeed.

Unknown said...

All very nice. I especially like the one of the chair sitting all alone in the meadow...the plate of food wasn't bad either ;)

Brit Boy said...

Wonderful pictures as always! A fantastic reminder of a great trip :-)

Katherine said...

lovely images my sweet friend. My favorite is the last one ( the rocker) great light and shadows on this one. HUGS!

Vixen said...

Those are all great, but being a rocking chair lover I adore that last one with the light on it.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Ahhhh... especially the pink cloud pix!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the picture of the food. What a normal portion. In my Southern family, eating that little would be considered rude.
Probably why my baby fat turned into adult fat.

Duni said...

Hi Dori!

I love the photo of the chairs underneath especially. I can imagine sitting there reading a good book. So peaceful.

Duni said...

...underneath the big tree..

Dori said...

Thank you :)

Thanks lady :) I'd love to start to submitting, but I don't know where yet. Thanks for your confidence in me.

So glad you liked them :) I had lots of fun taking those photos.

Brit Boy,
It was a great trip! :) Glad to come back to you at the Yellow House also ;-)

So glad you like them :) Yeah, I love the rocker too...catching that shot was a joy. There was such a beautiful energy around that morning. Have a great weekend my friend :)

We think alike so much :) The rocking chair was a great moment.

Yeah, don't they just make you feel all light and free? :) Thanks so much for visiting me!

Vanessa G,
You are so funny :) I know what you mean. My mama and aunts used to really load up our plates when I was growing up...great times!

Yeah, I did just that one morning. It was amazing :)