Monday, August 02, 2010

It's All About the Journey

Just wanted to share a sunny picture. Hope you enjoy it!

I had a pretty great weekend :-) Brit Boy and I didn’t go anywhere special or doing anything out of the ordinary, but it was a good quiet weekend and I had a chance to reflect on something I just accomplished. So all weekend, I was basking in the glow :-)

For those of you who are new readers or those who may have forgotten since I didn’t bring it up much ;-) , I was taking a freelance and features writing course over the past several months, well it was actually a year and a half. I didn’t bring it up a lot because there wasn’t much to tell from day to day and also I’ll admit, it was a bit of a struggle sometimes :-) But here’s the absolutely beautiful thing that is bursting out of me right now as I write these words…it was difficult, but I did it! And I don’t say that to say “hey look at me”, I say that because I am just so darned proud of what it means for me as a person…something that I needed to prove to myself…that I can see a difficult task through until the end.

I don’t know if I would have been so candid with you all when I began my course eighteen months ago, but it is SO SO TRUE…the truth does indeed set you free! :-)

See, I know me and I don’t have a great track record with things like this. Oh yeah, I’ve gotten through life fine, but I’ve never really made it through the tape at the finish line in this way for a long, long time. So this milestone lets me know that I still have drive within…something that I thought that I’d left in my wake too long ago. But the beauty is that “she” is still in there…the authentic me that I forgot in the flurry of moving across the water and becoming a wife. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret my journey over here at all, but some days it has seemed like my determination dropped off somewhere over the Atlantic. Well, with the completion of my course, I feel that I went diving deep and found my drive again. Hallelujah! :-)

I turned in my final lesson on Friday and I immediately began to smile on the outside, the inside, and everywhere possible :-) I know that this may seem a modest milestone to the wide world, but in essence it is EVERYTHING, because today I join countless people all over this planet who are celebrating something amazing in their lives…whether it is large or small. We all wake up every day and are bombarded with terrible news and so I think that this makes it even more important to celebrate those joyous moments in our lives that make our hearts sing! :-)

I haven’t found out my final grade and of course I’m intrigued to find out the result. However, I mean this with the truest honest heart…I have already made the grade. I took the journey…so the destination is just the icing on the cake. I’m truly grateful in this moment and I just wanted to share my joy with you all.

Have a great day everybody!


annie said...

Congratulations on finishing the course, you deserve to feel proud. And good luck on the final result.

Diane said...

So happy and proud for you! :O)

Mike Golch said...

Dori,I celebrate with you.It is all about the journey.When I adnounced that I wanted to go into realestate I was met with 5 tons of sceptism,I was told not to waste my time or money that I would fail at it.Well gess what I did not fail at it.I did quite well.

Viajera said...

Congrats! Hope to read something from you soon. ;)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dori, I read your text shown in the link, really we need to see the world in a positive way, trying to do the best, thank for life. Sometimes I also stop a little to balance what I'm doing and what are the dreams that I want to accomplish.

RE - RecycledFrockery said...

L A R G E S T Congrats on your Success My Dear. you are a wonder indeed. quietly completing your first chapter toward the novel of your life. I can't wait to see you in print and buy out the newsstand. Life makes us realize how blessed we are to be able to complete challenges, and feel the glow of the success.

You Dori are a 100% Winner My Girl, and Brit Boy knows how lucky he was to get one of our sweetest georgia peaches.

to quote my friend Mr Spoke :
"Live Long, Live Well and Prosper Dear Dori"

Jacqueline said...

Hello Dori,

Congrats! I've always enjoyed reading whatever you have to share here, so now you've just added another bright feather in your cap.

We're looking to hear more GREAT and WONDERFUL things from you. :-)


Dori said...

Thank you so much :) Have a great weekend!

Thank you for you support :) You have a great weekend too!

You are indeed a kindred spirit :) Bravo to you for following your dreams too my friend!

Thanks and your support means everything! Have a great weekend!

Absolutely! Life is such a gift! :) And we should definitely tap into what we want to accomplish in life. It is what we're certainly meant to do while we are here. Have a great weekend my friend!

Thank you so very much :) You are so kind and such an incredible source of support to me! I cherish that!

You're so is truly a blessing because it is always unfolding before us and teaching us.

I will take your last line as a treasure with me always :)

Thank you! You have also been such a wonderful support to me. I'm so glad that we have connected. I truly cherish our friendship :) I am so blessed. Have a wonderful weekend!

ElizOF said...

Congrats again and wish I knew... Always happy to root for you!
E :-)

Dori said...

Thanks so much :-) You're the best!