Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going On A Mystery Trip

So tomorrow Brit Boy and I are off to London. I always like it when we get to take a trip there, but here's the interesting part...I don't know where we're going :-) Brit Boy is taking me somewhere as a surprise and all that I know is that it will be a performance of some kind. Intriguing stuff...isn't it? ;-) I've know that we're going for about a month, but I haven't tried to figure out where we're going. I usually like to be in the know, but this time, it's kinda cool to not know.

I'm getting excited now because I love a mystery! I'll share the details when I return. So watch this space!

We're off on a magical mystery tour... ;-)

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William k Wallace said...

Have fun...London is a city full of excitment and adventure that is for sure...