Saturday, October 30, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deana Wilmink-Martina said...

Hey, my Dear friend Dori, how are you doing? Just visiting and noticed your Halloween image post.
We don't celebrate Halloween here in the Netherlands.

But since I do have virtual fiends from all over the world, for years now, I got a nice virtual Halloween card from a friend in Australia, every year again and again I get a card from this friend.
Isn't that nice?

Enjoy the Sunday, here we moved the clock one hour back last night and from today on the winter time has started.

Mike Golch said...

I hopew that you and the Brit Boy had a great halloween.

Se'lah said...

hi Dori,

hope you are doing well. happy november.

one love.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Love your picture! Dropping by to say hello to one of my favorite bloggers. Hope your day was spooktacular.

Anne said...

I hope you had a great Halloween. Did you celebrate?

Dori said...

I'm doing fine. How are you? :) I think it's so cool that you get a virtual Halloween card. That's what I love about the online world...all of these opportunities to share and connect!

We did and I hope you had a fun time too! :)

I'm doing fine. I hope you're well. Happy November to you too! :)

Mountain Woman,
I hope you had a great time too. And hey, the feeling is mutual, you're one of my favorites too :)

It was great! Yep, we had fun. We enjoyed lots of scary movies and way too much candy. LOL. I hope yours was great!