Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sports Ground Debut!

Hello all! Happy Friday!

Well, in my previous post I talked about watching the Super Bowl. It was a great night here at the Yellow House and we ended up staying up for the whole thing, which was well after 3am here. It was fun!

So I thought that I would mention another sporty spice’ kind of thing to continue this trend for one more post. No, I haven’t taken up a sport…yet ;-) However, my Brit Boy, who is the real sporty one around here has opened a new chapter in his blogging life.

Brit Boy has started a new sports blog called, The Sports Ground, and he will cover a wide array of sports, since this is one of his great loves. He will concentrate mostly on football aka soccer, but he will also be blogging about sports that are enjoyed on both sides of the Atlantic. One of his recent posts was about his take on the Super Bowl, so the transatlantic life of the Yellow House extends into his new blog, just like it does in mine.

So if you’re a sports fan or if you just want to read the knowledgeable musings of Brit Boy on all things sports…take a trip on over and check him out! :-)


As for me, I’ve been doing fine and will be blogging about one of my new favorite things in my next post. I love a cliffhanger…lol.

Have a great weekend!


Mike Golch said...

I've checked out his new blog,I enjoyed it.

Swirl Around the World said...

That's great. But, does he love football or does he LOVE football? I went to a football game in England once and I am still having flashbacks of the insanity.

Diane said...

I'm not a sports junkie but excited for his new blog. You guys are quite the writing team. :O)

Anne said...

I missed the Superbowl (just not a sports fan). I would be happy to stop by his new blog but I might not understand it :).

Mama Mia said...

How cute! A husband-and-wife blogging team :) Do you, like your husband, have another blog? I'm only asking because I don't think I can handle having more than 1 to maintain. Congratulations to you and your hubby!

Dori said...

Thanks for visiting Brit Boy's new place :)

Swirl Around the World,
He LOVES football...although he's chill about it. LOL. I feel you. I went to an England game once and it was wild to say the least :)

It's good to find another non-sporty spice ;-) Yep, this blogging thing has really taken a hold upon the Yellow House :-)

Thanks for the support still :)

Mama Mia,
Yes, I have another blog, but I don't post there nearly enough. lol. But I'm putting that right very soon...I hope ;-) I know what you's definitely a challenge to blog in two places. Thanks for visiting me and commenting :)

ElizOF said...

Hi Dori,
Holding out on us? Didn't know you had another blog going on somewhere... Anyhow, stopped by to let you know I paid Brit Boy a visit; I got the email and got sidetracked...
It's been hectic lately and I'm looking for ways to get more rest. I look forward to reading your cliff hanger!

BLOGZOOM said...

I have a secret and I must confess: I was born in a country who love so much soccer, but I hate this sport. I like volleyball, basketball, swimming, cycling, athletics, but can not stand football!

I'm so sorry BUT I'm the worse sports commentator in this world.! kkkkkkkkkkkk


Dori said...

Nope, not holding out :) I thought you knew. lol. I don't blog there like I should, but hopefully I can post more there soon. Thanks for visiting Brit Boy. I can totally relate to getting busy, so I truly thank you for still paying me a visit :) You take good care of yourself lady!

Oh yeah, soccer/football is definitely king there :) See I like more of what you like too, although I'm still an in and out sports person. It's so fun to find out that I'm not alone on this one ;-) I love that Brit Boy is so passionate about his sports though :) Hugs

American in Bath said...

Wow. I haven't seen a super bowl in at least 10 years. It's not that we didn't get the Superbowl in Alaska, and as you know, I've been able to watch for the last five years here. It's more that I didn't have a tv in Alaska, and I don't want to watch it by myself here.

Amar | A Note said...

i checked on his blog, it's good to see couple who both blogs. i also have sports blog Sports Center, mine is more of cricket but i also update with other sports. does he do exchange link?