Thursday, March 17, 2011


I’ve gotten behind on my posting lately. I can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks, but I’m back here again and I’m glad to be here. Just like many of you, life gets busy and some things slip...and my blog slipped way down the list ;-) Anyway, I’ve returned so thank you for visiting me again!

I was going to post about my food adventure in this post, just like I promised in my last post, but I just wanted to ease back in with one of those take a breath posts. I’ll do my food post next time.

Spring will be arriving in a few days and it brings to mind the feeling of renewal. Both of my parents have been on my mind quite a bit lately, so when I snapped the photo below of the daffodils blooming in our backyard, I thought of how I love and miss both of them. These daffodils remind me of being back home when I was growing up...when my parents were both alive. I love spring because it makes me remember the longer days and my daddy being out in the garden. I remember the smell of the freshly plowed earth and all of the planting going on. It's amazing how those little things stay in your mind forever.

So I welcome the arrival of spring and I pray for good things ahead for all of us everywhere, all around the world.


lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Hello Dori, I love meeting new friends and I am here to return the follow from Thursday's blog hop. Looking forward to coming by more often. Take care.

Lisa @ Lesapea xx

Emm said...

Isn't it amazing how our childhood was so short in comparison with the rest of our years and yet it leaves such a massive impression? I remember smells from my very early days in Nigeria and I've spent so much time trying to figure out what they are!

It must be hard to miss your parents so. I wish you peace.

Travel With Lulu said...

I am loving the daffodils!

I can't remember if I told you about my Expat Blog Linky Party on Saturday? I hope you will link in :)

ElizOF said...

I love spring and daffodils always put a smile on my face; reminding me that the cold season has turned a corner. Good to see you back here! :-)

Mama Mia said...

Nice to see you back and blogging, Dori! Looking forward to your future posts.

Thank you also for dropping by my blog.

More power & Godspeed! :)

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Dori, what a beautiful post! Glad you're back. Love the daffodils--I've always thought of them as "happy" flowers. I enjoy fond memories of my parents, too, and so enjoyed reading about yours. Happy Spring!

Malen T. Leon said...

I also love spring and your daffodils are so beautiful.

Duni said...

Hi Dori,

we've had a couple of gorgeous sunny days. I am so enjoying sitting out on the terrace soaking up the rays. I know full well that come April we will have freezing weather once more!

take care,

Nieves said...

I am so happy spring is here at last, though in Spain there is not really a spring weather, because there is still rain and cold, unfortunately! Hugs and nice weekend,

Dori said...

Thanks so much for visiting me! It's great to meet you :-)

It is indeed...those memories are powerful :) I love learning about your memories too. Yes, I miss my parents all the time, but I take lots of comfort in my memories of them :)

Happy Homemaker UK,
Sorry that I missed the Blog Link Party. I've been out of the loop again recently, but I'm trying to get back in. Thanks for inviting me though. I'll be visiting you though because it's so good to connect with other expats :)

Yes, aren't they happy flowers! Happy Spring :)

Mama Mia,
Thanks for visiting me and for the support. I will be visiting you too! :)

You're so right...they are happy flowers.I love it when we can all relate through our memories. Happy Spring! :)

Happy Spring!

Yes, I love those evenings when we can sit outside again after a long winter :) Here's to warm days continuing!

I hope that you are having beautiful weather. Hugs to you too! :)

BLOGZOOM said...

I love spring! Kisses my dear friend!

Dori said...

Me too! And kisses back to you my friend :)