Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End of an Era

Today is a bittersweet day. The Space Shuttle Atlantis came home for the last time. Bravo to everyone at NASA.

Welcome Home Space Shuttle Atlantis!!!

Photo credit(above):Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Photo credit(above): Terry Renna/Associated Press


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I remember the first shuttle launch on television. It was an awesome sight!! I remember watching the shuttle blow up as it was happening live on t.v. and the image of the camera going to the mother of Christa McAuliffe as she watched in disbelief. There were many launchings that were only a blurb in the media because apparently it became no big deal anymore that we were traveling into space. I wish them all a safe return to earth and look forward to seeing what's in store next. Thanks for this post. : )

~ Wendy

Mike Golch said...

sadly we are now out of the space flight business.They should of had the next generation of launch vechiles ready to go already.BOO HISS on you NASA!!!!!

Dori said...

Your memories so reflect mine and those memories played over in my head on the day that Atlantis took off and on its return home today :) I remember the wonder of that very first launch when I was a young teenager...I was hooked. When the Challenger exploded I remember just feeling sick to the stomach. I remember Christa McAuliffe saying before she left that she may have been the teacher that got to go up, but she would be taking all of the others who had wanted to go, along with her in her heart. I totally know what you mean about it being only mentioned in passing after a while in the media. And I never understood that because every single time it had my attention because I just think it's truly amazing that people go to space and come back again. It's fantastic. I told my husband today that I hope that one of these days somewhere, somehow, I will get to shake the hand of one of those astronauts that went up on the shuttle. What an amazing experience they've had. It boggles the mind.I'm also looking forward to what is next and I truly believe that this isn't the end forever. Thanks for commenting :)

I can hear what you're saying and I totally respect your views. It's an open space here at the Yellow House :) And I agree, the next generation should have been ready to go, but alas it seems that money and some other stuff stopped things in their tracks. And I applaud NASA for all that they've been doing over the years to get many people to space and back for so long, even though we sadly lost some of our fellow citizens along the way. But I watched today in awe of what NASA has done again and again and again and often a lot of it has gone unnoticed sadly. I don't think we're out of the space flight business forever. I think that it will probably be a while, but I personally think that we will rise again with this. It will be different, but I just don't count us out :) I truly understand how you feel. It is a sad day, but this ain't the end I don't think. Love ya Mike :)

Louisette said...

I think that never stop that, , i was very surprise, remember gret days at television, all the world, good memories for your generation.Never forget Nasa
Greeeting from Belgium

Dori said...

Thanks so much for visiting me and commenting :) You are so right...and I will admire NASA forever :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Yes, we have yet to evolve more to be able to go further.


Dori said...

You're so right Sissy and I know that we will get there :)