Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grits and Memory

In my last post, I said that I would be doing a food post. Well this is a post about a craving and not about something I've cooked. Oh I wish that I could right now. I don't have any on hand, but I know that I will have them again ;-)

For the last few days, I've been thinking quite a bit about one of my favorite foods and it's something that I can't readily get here...grits! :) I never in my life thought that I would miss any food so much. And here's the thing, I'm not a person who just has to have certain foods on a regular basis. I'm not usually a craver, but I am truly craving grits these days. And just to clarify it all...I'm not pregnant so it's not those kind of cravings. LOL.

I get the worse cravings on weekend mornings because that is when I would have them mostly. I guess that they are a fully entrenched food memory. Grits make me think of home and my mother cooking them for our breakfast for decades. I know that there are people who hate grits and can't understand the fuss and that's cool...I respect that everyone's likes are theirs and this like is truly mine :) I was thinking about it the other day and yeah, my craving can be reduced down to simply having a taste for grits. But also I think that they were such a part of my experience as a southern girl and that connection with my culture is so strong that an ocean can't even keep me from it.

I am happy most days with my different life here in England. But sometimes I miss the simple things about back home so much. The list changes depending upon my mood that day. And it's not one of those grass is always greener situations. I'll tell you, I've learned one thing about having lived in two different countries now...there are bad, good, annoying, and uplifting things about both places. Neither one is better than the other...they each have things going for them for sure. I'm not trying to sell grits to anybody or even attempting to validate my love for grits. I don't need to :) I just thought that I would make my perspective clear. Love is love and I've got it bad and grits are it baby! LOL.

Food memories are great. I guess that's the good thing about food memories or regular memories...you always have them to call upon whenever you want to remember a person, time, or a place. I know that we can't go back in time and it's not good to always be looking back, but sometimes it doesn't hurt a thing...especially when you're trying to remember the taste of grits! :)


Mike Golch said...

I do love a good bowl of grits myself.I got intorduced to them when I was in the USAF during basic training.

BLOGZOOM said...

Dori... what is GRITS?! Land?!!!!

I received a recipe and I put into practice. Simple and delicious:

Rice in the Oven

First step: Make the rice as normal, as was a normal day, but if you add carrots (I put), cook the carrot with the rice.

Second step: the rice is ready? Now add tomato sauce, olives, corn and peas (I replaced it with lentils), let cook for 5 minutes, stirring the entire mixture.

Third step: take a form (glass or porcelain), put some rice, add ham and cheese, plus a little rice, ham and cheese again, to finish all the ingredients, ending with ham and cheese (lots of cheese please!). Ah, remember our beloved lasagna, but with rice:)

Step Four: Bake on medium heat for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Step Five: Eat and be happy:)

Ps.: This recipe is traditional, but you can vary the filling by placing the ingredients you like, to replace the red with white sauce. Just free your imagination and become a crazy cook, without losing the glamor, ok?!

Hugs and kisses and wiating about grits... rsssss

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wish you were here in Texas with me right now I would fix you a big bowl.
Fun coming over here this morning I have missed you

Dori said...

They are the best aren't they? :) I'm so glad that you were introduced my friend!

LOL. Nope. They are food and very delicious. I love you Sissym! :) They are a sort of ground corn cereal, similar to porridge and people eat them with a variety of foods or by themselves. They were economical and kept my family alive when I was growing up :)Check out the link in the post and you can see what they are like. The recipe you posted sounds good. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks :)

Grandma Yellow Hair,
I wish I was at your table too ;-) Mmmm. I can taste them right now. I've missed you too and I'll be over for a visit :)