Monday, February 13, 2012

Remembering Whitney

As many of you know, on Saturday we lost Whitney Houston and it really saddens me like it does so many others. Whitney Houston’s voice was an amazing gift that she shared with the world and I celebrate that today. I don’t want to dwell upon the negativity that I’ve read and heard over the weekend about her troubles. I mean, her struggles were well-documented and I just don’t feel the need to go back over that tired old track over and over. What’s the use and why add to the cloud of speculation? As I said, I just want to celebrate her here in my little corner of the internet and share my personal memories of her.

The first time that I saw Whitney Houston was in Seventeen magazine, during the early 1980s. I was an avid reader of the magazine as a teen girl and I remember seeing beautiful Whitney there often.

Photos: Seventeen magazine

I thought that she was so lovely and I would try to mimic her style from the pages of the magazine. I remember reading a little blurb about her in the magazine and she said that she’d love to be a professional singer one day. And I thought, ‘How cool...isn’t that nice”. Little did I know that this girl that I saw in my Seventeen magazine was such a powerhouse singer! So fast forward to a while later and I’m watching music videos one day and this video comes on the television, “You Give Good Love”. It was the beginning of her amazing catalogue of songs and I was blown away. I remember being so proud of her because here was this girl that I’d seen in Seventeen magazine for so long and now I saw her like this in all her glory. Of course I didn’t know Whitney, but it felt kind of like I was seeing somebody that I knew before they were famous in a way...if that makes any sense. So over the years as she became this great legend, I often thought back to that girl in my Seventeen magazine.

I will always of course remember the incredible singer that she was, but that very young Whitney from the pages of my magazine will always stay with me too!

I'm not saying anything new as we all know how amazing her voice was and how beautiful she was...that is common knowledge. But I will say this...I truly thank her for sharing her amazing talent with us while she was here among us. Her voice will last through the ages...what a legacy!


Ivanhoe said...

She was a total powerhouse! They are only two other ladies that I consider in her voice category: Celine & Mariah.
RIP, Whitney!

Mike Golch said...

I hope she has found the peace that she could not in life.

Dori said...

So true...Whitney's voice just gave me the chills because it was so powerful! And yes, Mariah and Celine are two of the greats also...truly gifted! We are lucky to live in this time of such incredible voices!

Absolutely...that is my prayer today :)

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear Friend,

Impossible not to be sad about the death so early of a great singer. Beautiful voice, beautiful woman. But she was more one celebrity showing how fragile in front of the fame.


Dori said...

It is definitely sad and she was a true legend. All that I can think of now is that I pray for comfort and peace for her daughter, mother and family. And I pray for Whitney's peace at long last...I thank her for sharing her gift with this world!

ElizOF said...

I never paid attention to the magazine but her music was phenomenal and so her voice... I will always remember her that way; beautiful, stylish and vocally gifted. RIP Whitney.

Dori said...

I was such a teen when I was a teen so I poured over Seventeen, Right On, Black Beat, etc. alongside my teen novels that I read around the clock. Seeing these pics of her brought back so many memories :-) Absolutely...I agree...Whitney's voice was truly Heaven sent and her music is woven through the culture forever. She was an elegant, talented lady and she will be truly missed. RIP Whitney.

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