Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Colors of Nature

I was going through some of my photographs this morning and I came across this one that I like a lot. I took it last summer while Brit Boy and I were out around Wiltshire. I took it from the car as I am fond of doing when we are out and about :-) It's rather blurry, but I love the colors of nature and it was just a beautiful day that day. Seeing this photo again instantly takes me back to that day and how I felt as Brit Boy drove along. I look forward to getting some more photos like this hopefully this summer, and if I do, you know that I will share them here! :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


CocoHoney said...

Nice photo!!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Beautiful pic honey. Gosh I have missed you. I came by to say hello and to catch up on you to see what you have been up too with Brit Boy.
Have a wonderful weekend

BLOGZOOM said...

It is very beautiful, especially one that inspires peace. See the horizon, the sky clouds brushed ... some green ...