Saturday, February 09, 2013

GoAbroad Top Expat Bloggers

Hello there!

So, I promised to come back and tell you about an honor that I have received. Here it is! I have been featured in the list of Top Expat Bloggers for!!! Please click here to read the article. And please check out all of the other bloggers there. They are a wonderful group!

I was SO excited to receive the email from them a couple of weeks ago when they notified me of my inclusion. I was totally surprised, grateful, and humbled about being included. I'm really honored to be included in this list because I had no idea that an organization like GoAbroad even knew my blog existed.  I guess it's true that you never know who is watching :-)

GoAbroad is a great resource for anyone who is interested in travel, especially those who want to study or volunteer abroad. It's a wonderful directory of information about: studying abroad, internships abroad, volunteering abroad, and teaching opportunities. I love that they share first-hand knowledge of others who may have already experienced time abroad alongside others who are just beginning their journeys.

They do such good work, so that's why I'm so honored to have any kind of connection with an organization which is doing so much good. They are opening peoples' minds, especially young minds to the possibilities of learning about a new culture.

I know that for me, this experience of living abroad for nearly seven years has been a worthwhile one. I'll admit, some days have been lousy just because it was a lousy day, but the great majority of my days here have been truly intriguing. I wouldn't trade this experience for sure!

So if you or anyone that you know would like to learn more about anything along these lines, please check out their site! :-)


Unknown said...

Hi Dori ~

Congratulations on being included in the "GoAbroad Top Expat Bloggers"! You certainly deserve to be honored, for your years of dedication to generously sharing your life's journey with others. Thank you for your warmth and your kindness, and for the way you make everyone feel so at home.


Stacie Raye said...

Congrats Dori! That is so cool to be honored.

BLOGZOOM said...

Dear friend, how nice to share this tip. I'll check.


Small Town Mommy said...

Congratulations! I think you are definitely a top expat blog.

Dori said...

Thank you for the congratulations everyone :-)