Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Taste of Home

Brit Boy and I had a good weekend. He got a chance to go to see football/soccer and I got the chance to catch up on some reading for school on Saturday. Then on Sunday we took a trip to one of my favorite places. It's a place called Dobbie's, which is a garden centre, but so much more than that. I've written about this store before. You can check out that post here
I love visiting because they have a wide variety of beautiful plants and flowers and seeds and all kinds of outdoor stuff that really appeals to me. It reminds me of a store that I used to visit back home with my dad when I was a little girl. In addition to a wide variety of plants they also have gifts and things for the home. They also have a restaurant and a section with food.
Ah, now we come to the real point of my post. I was so thrilled to find the cookies pictured below.

I haven't had any Pepperidge Farm cookies in years...probably since before I came here. I've never seen any in the supermarket here, but perhaps I've just overlooked them. Anyway, I was thrilled to find them and bought a pack. They are so good and until I took that first bite I had forgotten how much I missed that taste. As I've written here before, sometimes a taste of home is such a welcome thing when you're so far away from home. It's been a long time...I need a visit back home I think :-)


Sara Louise said...

I'm lucky in that the store where I shop for my groceries here in France sells Pepperidge Farm cookies, it's something I'm eternally grateful for! But lately I've been snaking on Girl Scout Cookies that I bribed a friend back in the States to send me :)
(I may have eaten three tagalongs for my breakfast this morning!)

Dori said...

Hi Sara,
You are so lucky! I'm going to have to take a closer look to see if I can find some Pepperidge Farm products in other shops. Oh wow, I'd love some Girl Scout cookies right about now. I haven't had any for years. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :)