Thursday, August 29, 2013

Balloon Crowns

Today I had to walk up to the High Street because I had to visit the post office. I went up first thing this morning and it was good to get a chance to get some exercise along with running my errands. It's quite a workout because the walk to the High Street is uphill all the way. And let me tell you, in the past I used to be huffing and puffing when I finally got to the top. LOL. But now it's all good.
Anyway, I went up to mail a package off and I saw that they had cookies and candies set up on a table inside the post office. There was also an older gentleman there who was making balloon shapes and animals. All of this was because the post office in our town recently reopened after being closed for a few weeks for renovations. So they were celebrating. The post office is a combination kind of a place. It's a post office, newsstand, general store type of place.
So when I left, I passed by the older gentleman who was making the balloon animals and shapes and he says, "Would you like a crown?"
This is my crown below :)
I gladly took it and thanked him. I stuck it on my head for a minute, but then I thought it might pop or float away, so I carried it down the hill and back home again. I thought that it was so sweet of him to give me my very own crown first thing in the morning. It made me feel like a kid again. Who knew that I'd trudge up the hill this morning like any other day, but come back down the hill a newly crowned queen ;-)
P.S. ~ I just looked at this picture again and maybe it's just my dirty mind, but the balloon looks kinda rude too. LOL.
Until next time...


Mike Golch said...

that's cute!

BLOGZOOM said...


In children's parties always have entertainers that transform balloons into swords, crowns, hearts. I can never do the same.

Happy weekend!

Dori said...

Yeah, I thought so too :)Have a great weekend!

It's the same where I come from too, so I thought it was fun that he gave me one. I guess I gave off a kiddie vibe. LOL. Happy weekend to you!

A said...

Well a crown is a crown :-)

Dori said...

Exactly! LOL