Monday, August 18, 2014

Spotlight: Atlantic Impact

Today I'm excited to share something wonderful that I've been given the opportunity to be a part of recently. It's a program that's offered through a great non-profit group called Atlantic Impact. Their objective is to support youth and introduce them to traveling internationally in order to broaden their horizons. Their goal is to provide each high school student in their district from the city of Detroit with a postcard.

I think that this is a fantastic program because it will expose the students to other parts of the world outside of their neighborhoods. When I was contacted by the organization I was so happy to help. I am getting ready to send the postcards pictured above to Detroit with short messages on each. As I wrote each one I thought about myself at their age and how I would have loved to receive a postcard or a letter from elsewhere. I didn't get to do much traveling when I was a child or teenager and I certainly didn't get to go abroad. I was a grown woman when I took my first trip outside of the United States. So I'm very excited for these young people because they are having the seed of international travel planted in their minds early. This makes me so happy! :-)

In addition to the postcard project, the organization offers students a well-rounded experience that teaches them valuable skills to use in their own communities and as they travel throughout their lives. Atlantic Impact says it best on their website when they highlight the skills that can be acquired through completion of the program. Some of those skills are:

 *Adaptability   *Leadership   *Responsibility   *Determination   *Patience
*Initiative   *Intellectual curiosity   *Critical thinking
*Understanding of global and cultural matters...and so much more
(from Atlantic Impact)

If you'd like to learn more about Atlantic Impact or if you'd like to get involved in helping, please visit their website at . You can also follow them on Twitter here .

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