Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Taking a Look at My Pictures #6

If you're a regular reader of my site, you know that I love taking pictures. I must admit that I took more of them in the past, but lately I'm getting back into it. My picture taking kind of suffered like my writing did during the time when I was completing my degree. But now I'm getting back into my pattern of documenting things through photographs. 

Sometimes over the years my pictures have been really wonderful and sometimes they've been kind of lackluster, but for me that's the fun of it. I never know how they'll turn out. I'm no professional as you can see, but I love capturing a moment :-)  

Today I'd like to share a few of my recent pictures. These were taken back in June. The sky was looking stormy and we ended up having a thunderstorm. It reminded me so much of summer evenings back home in Georgia. I'm not crazy about the lightning, but I love how the sky churns and puts on a show of various shades of grey. I took these in black and white, but even if they'd been taken in color they would've been very similar. It got so dark. These are kinda blurry, but I still love them...imperfection is real and it's cool :-) 

 I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my pictures. More to come!

Until next time... ;-))


BLOGZOOM said...


I like tones as well, although it seems a little dark gives the impression of a little mystery.


Dori said...


Yes! I love a moody sky :)