Thursday, January 08, 2015

Feeling Better

Hello :-)

I'm feeling much better today and the sun is shining so I'm happy. I only have a bit of a lingering cough, but I'm sure that that will go away soon. I'm drinking lots of water and ginger tea so I should be good to go in no time :-)

Today I'm going to be getting myself back on track some, so that means catching up with emails, writing down a few notes, and basically just starting my 2015 properly eight days into the year. Hey, there's no rush. I just need to pace myself and be kind to myself as I get back to full strength.

I'll be back on my regular posting schedule in the next several days, but I wanted to just check in and say hello. I'm planning on having a more regular posting schedule this year. I've been kinda sporadic even before I got sick, so I want to get back here to my little space on the internet and share more of myself and my photos like I used to in the early days of my blog. That will be a nice thing to get back to :-)

Well that's all for now. Have a great day wherever you are!


Sarah said...

Dori, I know I haven't been around since the beginning of your blog, but I've read most of it and really liked reading from the early days and about what your life is like in England. Glad you are getting back to your usual self and look forward to your posts also.

Dori said...


Thanks so much for visiting me! :) No worries about not being able to get here a lot. I need to do some catching up with some of my favorite blogs myself. While I've been sick, I've gone back and read some of my older posts and I remember those times fondly. I want to get back to that kind of blogging again. Things have changed over the years, but I still have lots to share :)

Catherine said...

Dear Dori, There certainly is no rush. Pace yourself and take good care of yourself so you will not relapse!
Have a very Happy and Blessed New Year! xo Catherine

Dori said...

Thanks for your understanding :) Have a blessed and Happy New Year also!