Monday, February 09, 2015

Showing Up

I spent the weekend writing again and that's a good thing. I'm slowly but surely learning the power of "showing up" in order to get the story out. That's the biggest thing that I'm learning as I work on my book. The first step of many is just to show up to let the story unfold.

I've been wanting to write a book for as long as I can remember...even when I was a young girl, I always had that in my mind. I've made a few attempts over the years, but those attempts sort of stalled along the way. Fingers crossed that this one won't skid to a stop ;-) I think that it can all work out though because of a few things:
1) I'm kind of even if it takes me years, I don't usually give up. This won't take years though. It'll be finished quite soon.
2) I made it through finishing my degree a couple of years ago after years of putting it on hold, so I have the feeling of completion of a long goal to draw upon now that I didn't have before. Now I know how good it feels to finally achieve a huge goal.
3) If I could write those thousands and thousands of words for essays while I was doing my university work, at least I know now that I can write a lot of words. Lol. I know that a novel is a different animal than university essay writing, but hey, I'm word counting. Gotta hold onto the positive here ;-)
4) I'm not trying to sound like my book will be some masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel that it's just time to get some stories out. They've lived in my head a long time. It'll be like mental spring cleaning :-)
5) Finally, I just want to do it now.
As random as some of these things sound, in my mind, in my life, they make perfect sense. Lol. But I think that that's the beauty of the whole thing though...we all are ready when we're ready. Maybe it's that I'm getting older and things have moved around in my head in the way that was needed. Who knows? The important thing is that finally on this go around I'm "showing up". We shall see what it all comes to in the end, but a great part of me is okay with things whatever the outcome because I know that I'll be okay no matter what :-)

Well, that's just what's on my mind as we start this new week and I continue on this journey of completing my book. I hope that you'll visit me again to see how I'm getting along. 

Until next time...


Sarah said...

Dear Dori,
Great post. You are so right, sometimes showing up can be half the battle and it does show that we have determination and/or stubborness. I have had those moments where I just really have to push myself to finish something or even to work on something at all (not necessarily something I am writing, but especially lately, schoolwork comes to mind). And because of that, I know if you could get through your degree, you certainly can finish this book. I have come to realize getting my degree is one of the most difficult things I will ever do, especially as a non-traditional student with more obligations to take care of in addition to classes. I know there are harder things to deal with in this world, but I think you know where I am coming from too since you also did it and it takes a tremendous amount of perseverance and dedication. In short, a whole lot of showing up. :)

And I will be back from time to time to see how your progress is going. You know I have been interested in your book as well, and I really do look forward to reading it. I like all the things you said in this post. I really relate to them, and I can see myself finally working on my own book again as well when I finish school. Just like you, I don't expect it to be a masterpiece or even know how many people may be intrigued enough to read it, but it is a goal I have too, and it wants to be written.

Good luck with your writing!

Dori said...

You and I are on the same page :) Yes,we have that in common about being a non-traditional student. It was really hard. Completing my degree was my nudge from the Universe that I could complete something that I'd been trying to do for a long time. So I carry that over into writing my book :) Thanks for the support always and the support comes right back to you. Good luck with your book when the time comes :)

Sarah said...

Thank you, Dori. It is nice to talk to someone else who understands being a non- traditional student. I know your book will be fully written and your work on your degree will help with that. Thank you for your support as well. It means a lot. :)

Dori said...

Yes I definitely understand. All the best to you as you continue on your path. You're welcome. I'm glad that I can offer support to you as well :)