Monday, March 30, 2015

My Love For the Color Blue

Today I'm here for my love of the color blue! ;-)

As I've mentioned before here, I love the color blue and I always have. Granted, in my twenties I had a brief flirtation with pink and even had a bedroom that was embellished with all things pink. It was a phase I guess. But it was there for a while and then one day the pink fascination was just gone. No offense to pink or to anyone who loves it. It's still a lovely color, but I'm all in with blue now. Lol.

I don't remember when I started to like blue...I've always liked it, but it wasn't as obvious when I was younger. It's funny that even though I don't consciously choose blue things when I'm shopping, blue items always seem to find me :-)

Here are a few examples of my love for the color blue:

I love wearing blue. I don't wear it everyday, but it's definitely a color that's present in my wardrobe. These are just a couple of tops that I love to wear and also some of my blue jewelry.

I made this photo of  perfectly innocent white flowers blue one day just because...

Of course, I'm not alone in loving that blue sky up above us. Granted we don't get a chance to see the blueness of the sky here in England nearly enough, but when we do I'm a happy woman :-)

This is my blue bottle. It usually sits on the windowsill in the bedroom. I love having a bit of blue decor in my surroundings. As I think about it, I really haven't gone overboard with the blue around the house at all. There's just a sprinkling.

These are just a few examples of how the lovely color blue pops up here and there in my life. I'm not obsessed, but if you were to hang with me for a while you'd see it's the color that I gravitate to ;-)

What's your favorite color? I'd love to know.

Have a great day and a wonderful week!!!


BLOGZOOM said...


Me too! <3

What a coincidence! hahahah "It's funny that even though I don't consciously choose blue things when I'm shopping, blue items always seem to find me :-)"

Happy coincidence!


Dori said...


Oh wow! I love this. You understand!!! Lol. I love our happy coincidence! :-)

Jean | said...

Dori, I love blue, too. It's the perfect "main" color to set off accents of my favorite colors, yellow, peach and red. And I have a seemingly genetic love of blue and white china--mother, aunts, cousins, we all have it. (I also seem to recall something else we have in common--flute and recorder playing, neither of which I've done in a very long time.)

Dori said...

It's great that you like blue too! You're so's a great accent color. I love blue and white china too. I have some that I adore. It's so fun that you remembered that we're both flute and recorder players. Great minds think alike :)