Thursday, March 05, 2015

Phone Update

I wanted to share that I got a new cell phone a few days ago. As I wrote in my short post here, I wasn't really excited about getting a new phone. I didn't want to spend the money. One thing about me...I'll keep something until it's a thousand years old. Lol.

Anyway, I gave in, because I feel better having one especially when I'm out by myself. So we went into town on Saturday and got another phone for me. It's nothing fancy, but it'll do the job. I didn't post a photo of it because I can't find my regular camera to take a photo of the phone. Lol. Therefore, this totally inappropriate phone photo above will have to do. It's not a cell phone as you can see and it's pretty retro, but I like it ;-)

Even though I'm not really a phone person, I did find that I missed it a little bit. I must say however that I did enjoy the quiet for that week. It made me remember what it was like before phones became our nearly constant companions :-) It was a nice break.

I'm just glad to have another phone and now I can get back to this regularly scheduled life ;-)

Until next time...


BLOGZOOM said...


hahahahah congratulations! then we're both a little similar. Do you believe that my cell phone is the first iPhone? Well, iPhone 3S. lol That's who I take pictures and put in Instagram and everyone enjoys. But it is in the last. Any time will die once and I will be forced to change definitely.

trimmmm trimmmm



Dori said...

Thanks! :) We definitely have that in common. I love that you have the first iPhone! I would've kept my other phone for a decade if I could. LOL. Have a great weekend my friend :)