Friday, May 29, 2015

A Friday Photo and Some Ducks

Today's Friday photo as you can see is one featuring some feathered friends. I took this photo in June 2012. That was a prolific time for my picture taking I think, because a lot of the photos that I've shared lately are from that time. Lol. I took a lot of photos on this day in particular because it was a beautiful day and it was such a lovely place to walk.

I spent long stretches just watching the ducks go back and forth. It was mesmerizing. Nature is like that isn't it? :-)

I used to have a pet duck named "Duck Duck" when I was a little girl, but my duck didn't look like these. She was a fluffy white duck. I was very I wasn't great with the unique naming at that point. That was one interesting duck. I remember that she loved cornbread and whenever anyone came into the driveway she would bark like a dog or in her case quack! Lol. My daddy built a little house for her and one of my favorite memories of my dad was him leading her to her house in the evening with cornbread crumbs. Those were good times :-)

So when I saw these ducks I thought of my duck and they really took me back.

Well that's all for my trip down memory lane and all things duck-related ;-)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Take care and have fun!

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