Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday Thoughts

Hello :-)

I know that I usually share photos mostly on Friday, but I decided to mix things up and share one on Wednesday also ;-)

I took this picture in June 2012. I took this when I was walking along a canal. I'm finding a lot of photos from that time lately, so that era has been well-documented. It makes me see that I need to do some catching up for 2015. I'm way behind. Even though I'll probably go to some of the same places, the photos will be different because it's a different day that will never come again. The light won't be the same and I can't stand in the exact same place so the view will be new. I love that :-)

Every day that we wake up alive and well is another day to be grateful.

This picture kinda makes me think about what may be around the bend in life since the path shown curves around out of sight. We never know what life will bring so living in the moment is key. I have to remind myself of this each day and I'm getting better at it day by day :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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