Thursday, June 04, 2015

Chilly June

This is a short observational post.'s June right? So why is it so cold? Lol. I'm hoping that my little corner of Wiltshire will warm up for a while soon. Thankfully it was a bit warmer yesterday and there was a good bit of sun later in the day. Therefore, I'm holding onto the hope that a warm summer is around the corner :-)

And it's not just me, my other half is cold too and he's from here so it's not just my Georgia DNA getting the best of me. Lol. I've acclimated a lot, but I'm still not good buddies with the chill all the time  ;-)

It's sunny out there now, so I hope that just grows as the day goes on. While I'm waiting for a little bit of a heatwave I'll just keep my blanket and a warm beverage nearby ;-) Lol!

I hope that it's warm wherever you are! Have a wonderful day :-)


Richard Heinrich said...

Ah, the English "summer" -- in my experience it will arrive for about two weeks in July!

Dori said...

I think you're definitely right! Lol. Thanks for commenting.