Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flower Memories

It's a beautiful sunny day today and it's even warm...YAY!!!! It actually feels like summer and that's a wonderful thing since it's felt perpetually like October for weeks and weeks and weeks before this latest bit of warmth. I'm a happy woman :-)

This sunny summer weather has me thinking about being outside a lot more and it has me taking a good look at our yard. What I've noticed is the lack of plants and things this year. There were beautiful pink azaleas a couple of months ago, but that's it. When I look out at the back yard there isn't any color. This plant in the picture above was from a couple of years ago. It hadn't bloomed to its full potential at this point, but later it was so vibrant.

Looking back at this old photo and having all of this warmth has me thinking that I may need to get a plant or two for the back yard to liven up the place a bit. I'm sure that in an overall roundabout way it'll help with my ongoing healing too. I'll be able to see the vibrance of some beautiful flowers every day :-)

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


Dee said...

Hi Dori, it's been a beautiful couple of days where I live, too. Although we've been getting a sprinkling of rain here and there. I only have one plant and I've been working hard on improving my green thumb. So far, it's working. Have a lovely rest of your day... :)

Dori said...

Hi Dee! :)
I'm so glad that you've had beautiful weather also. You sound like me...I'm working on improving my green thumb too.Lol.You have a lovely day too! :)