Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bushes That Bring Butterflies

Hello :-)

Today I thought that I'd share this photo that I took a few years ago. As you can see, it's a colorful butterfly and I'm thinking of butterflies because of what's happening in the backyard.

Over the last week and a half, the butterfly bushes in the backyard have been blooming out.

Here's a photo below that I just snapped. The sky's kinda gloomy off and on, but the flowers are still showing up in all their glory!

The butterfly bushes have white flowers and purple flowers and they're ever expanding. I love that they've kind of taken over along the back. A few weeks ago I wrote here about not having much color out there and I mentioned how much I missed it. Well I guess that this was a case of ask and you shall receive ;-) They came out with an extra bit of oomph this year and I love them!  The butterflies are loving every minute too!

Happy Tuesday! :-)

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