Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Thoughts

I had a good weekend. How was yours? :-)

Mine was a combination of things and I came away from it with some observations about things. I was either reminded of something or I got confirmation of something. So I count that as a pretty great weekend!

As is customary for me these days, I worked on my book. I didn't get to write as much as I wanted, but the important thing is that I showed up and stayed committed to my goal. When I think back on it, this reminds me to simply JUST KEEP GOING! :-)

This past weekend I also put a bit of reading time in and it was helpful. I often hear the advice from authors that reading is essential to feed the writerly mind and I'm finding that to be very true. I must admit, when I first started writing my book I found it hard to get going and I felt kind of stuck. I've loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember so it was tough for me to feel so out of it. I realized that I hadn't been feeding my mind like I used to and therefore I couldn't hear the rhythms anymore if that makes any sense. Now that I've picked back up with my love for reading again, it's making a world of difference.

The other thing that I did this weekend was watch Serena Williams win Wimbledon again. She is phenomenal and she continues to RISE! It is incredibly ridiculous to see the venom that is thrown around on social media and from 'supposedly' professional media outlets about Serena every time that she...(gasp)....has the 'nerve' to win once again. Here's the thing...I'm like...forget those venomous ridiculous little people who feel the need to belittle her for reasons that have not a THING to do with her. Their bull is all about them. Serena Williams is an amazing athlete and an amazing woman who has to put up with a lot of crap and still win like a true champion. And I'm glad that she just keeps on going and stays true to herself no matter what :-) Thankfully everyone isn't such a hater and I'm glad because all that Serena and her sister Venus have achieved in their careers and the journey that they've traveled on is a testament to what true dedication and hard work can do.

As I watched Serena Williams once more win her title at Wimbledon, I had a bit of a reminder and a confirmation from her example. Even when we're up against tremendous pressure or outside forces may be trying to wear us down, we must stay the course and just keep on keeping on. Also, we should take a page from Serena's book and just keep on winning! ;-) When we don't give up, we win!

Two poems by Dr. Maya Angelou came to mind on Saturday as I watched Serena on television as she lifted her trophy. The poems are "Phenomenal Woman" and "Still I Rise".

Keep on keeping on Serena! :-)

Have a great week everyone!

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