Friday, September 25, 2015

A Friday Photo and the Bournemouth Balloon

Today's Friday photo was taken in March 2013 in Bournemouth. I took this as I was walking along the path away from the beach and through the park to the city center. This balloon is tethered, but it can take riders up high for a great view of the city and the beach. I've never gone up in it, but perhaps I will one day soon. I'm afraid of heights, so we shall see  :)

Bournemouth is a lovely seaside town with a wide and spacious beach. It takes a couple of hours to get there from where I live, but it's a nice drive. We pass through Salisbury on the way so I love getting a view of the cathedral spire as we pass through.

We didn't get a chance to get to Bournemouth this year. The last time that we went was the summer of 2014. I'm looking forward to getting back down there in 2016 and when I do I'll share pictures here.

Happy weekend! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are! :)

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