Monday, September 14, 2015

Walking, Reading, and Writing

I had a good weekend. How was yours? :) Mine consisted of taking a walk in the woods, doing some errands, reading, and working on my book.

I took some pictures when we went for our walk in the woods, so I'll share them later this week. It was great to get one last look at the green leaves before fall changes them yellow, orange, and red. I love fall so I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves change, but it was good to see the last bit of summer.

As for reading, I've been re-reading Beloved by Toni Morrison. I'm really enjoying it this second time also. She's an amazing writer, but that's obvious...duh ;-) I'm stating the obvious here.

As for my own writing, my book is coming along. I'm still fighting the urge to go back and edit. I have to smack my own wrist :-) I'm enjoying the process more and more as I go further. I think that I'm finally learning to just let go and write and let the momentum take me forward. I'm learning a lot during this process about writing, but I'm also learning life lessons that I needed to learn. Who knew? Lol.

Well that's all for now. As I mentioned, I'll be sharing some of my photos from the woods later this week. Have a great new week wherever you are!

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