Monday, October 05, 2015

Words and Music

My weekend was good. As usual errands were done on Saturday, but they went rather quickly. We like to get up and out early to get ahead of some of the crowds and traffic. Everything in the grocery store is fully stocked at that time of the day so it's a pleasure to shop then.

We didn't do our weekend purging like we've been doing recently on Saturdays, but I did take some books and DVDs to the charity shop for donation. It was really busy in there, so while I waited for the shop assistant to come to the register, I had a look around. Instead of dropping stuff off I wanted to pick a few things up but I held myself back ;-) Mostly I was checking out the old books...that's my thing. Lol. The shop assistant is an older man with white hair and glasses and looks like he should be in a story book :) I think he remembers me now since I've been in there so much lately leaving donations. I don't get to say much when I'm in there, but he seems like a nice man.

Later on Saturday night I put my headphones on and did some scribbling on my various notepads. As I've mentioned before, my book is being typed into a computer ultimately, but I also work stuff out on paper by hand. It seems to work for me so I'm sticking with it :) I listened to a little bit of this and a little bit of that while I wrote things out and it was really great. The 70s, 80s, 90s, and more recent music all made an appearance as my mind filled in the lines of the paper with what I wanted to say. Sometimes I write with no music at all. It just depends on my mood.

The great thing about writing with music is that it can both inspire you and keep you focused on your work. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing, but it can work. Even if you’re more musically inclined yourself, you can pick up on some inspiration by listening to some of your favorite bands. It’s great when you’re working on other stuff as well, or just getting on with some busy work. Wrapping audio cables to make sure that you get the right sound? Learn more about how to get it right here, so you can stick on some great tunes and get on with it.

It was a good weekend...nothing too exciting, but I loved the low-key flow of it a whole lot :) I hope that your weekend was great too!

Have a great new week!


Susi said...

I find that Spotify has some great playlists they've put together for when you want to concentrate, ranging from classical to ambient, but generally without lyrics, which is helpful!

Dori said...


Yes, I love their playlists. I'm slowly discovering more and more. Thanks for the tip! I do love my classical :) Thanks for visiting me.