Thursday, May 19, 2016

Simple and Random Rocks

Hello :)

I was scrolling through my photos earlier and had fun looking at what's there. I've been lucky enough to capture some beautiful bits of scenery here and there, but sometimes I've taken random pics just because. I love being out in nature so much, so when I'm out walking around the Wiltshire countryside pretty much everything that I see is fair game :)

Here's a perfect example above of my anything goes mentality...I took a picture of a rock! Hey, who knows what was going through my mind, but in the end it gives me a chuckle so it did its job even though it's simply a picture of a rock. I remember this day...Good Friday...and I remember how gloriously beautiful the day was. This simple, random photo takes me back and it brings to mind the joy that I felt on that day, so random is good :)

Just thought I'd share ;-)

Have a great day wherever you are!

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