Monday, June 06, 2016

A Pineapple, the Weekend, and Backyards

My weekend was good. The weather got really nice and sunny yesterday, so I loved that. I've REALLY come to appreciate sunny days since I've been living here in England :)

As you can see in the photo above, we have ourselves a pineapple here at the Yellow House...maybe it's the warmer weather or maybe it's that I need to eat more fruit or it's a bit of both...I vote for a bit of both. I don't eat really lousy, but I can definitely do better, so this pineapple is my mascot for eating more fruit. I'm publishing its picture here before it gets eaten, so that whenever I need to be reminded to eat my fruit and vegetables more, I can come here and remind myself ;-)

Also, I took the photo below this morning when the sunlight was so nice. This is in our backyard. I love the sunlight coming through the trees in the morning. I took the picture with my phone so it's not sharply focused at all (my phone camera isn't great)...but I thought that I'd share it anyway just to let you see what my morning looked like.

Happy New Week!

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