Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Unofficial Beginning of Summer

Happy Weekend!!!

It's the three day bank holiday weekend here and it's Memorial Day weekend back home in the US, so we've finally arrived at the unofficial beginning of summer even though the official start of summer is in June. But hey, all works for me. Lol. I'm just glad to see warmer days and we're actually having some warm, sunny days here in Wiltshire right now, with not a rainy cloud in sight. Woo Hoo! ;-) I don't know how long the sunshine will last, but I'm gonna soak in the warmth and the good vibes to the fullest while I can :-)

Have an amazing weekend wherever you are, whether it's an extended weekend or not. Enjoy!!


kjsutcliffe said...

Also as a non native UK resident - I too love these wonderful summery days - they are almost 'unexpected'! Long may they last :)

Dori said...

Kjsutcliffe artist,

Yes! Long may they last :)