Monday, January 22, 2018

Fashion Spotlight: LOTD (Look of the Day) Review

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at LOTD (Look of the Day) to see if I'd like to experience their website and try a few of their pieces. I said yes and I'm certainly glad that I did. The first thing that I really loved were their prices. The prices are so reasonable and the clothes are fantastic! The wide variety of clothing is amazing and so stylish, therefore it was hard to pick only a handful of my favourite pieces. I could've easily have picked dozens of other things because everything was calling my name! Here are my picks.

LOTD Tops 

LOTD has so many lovely tops. One of my favourites is this khaki oversized top with tie cuff detail. It also comes in grey and black. The sizes available are S/M and M/L. This top is generously cut, so it fits a variety of body types and is so comfortable to wear. I love it because it's amazingly comfortable and still so stylish. I really like the tie cuff detail because it adds that bit of extra flair to the look of the garment. It's perfect to wear when you're out and about running errands and you want to look pulled together while going about your day.

Above: khaki oversized top with tie cuff detail / Photo credit: LOTD site


I adore jewelry, so I was thrilled to be able to also receive these pieces:

Brown/gold two row tassel choker necklace

Brown/gold two row tassel choker necklace

This two choker necklace has a velvet finish with a tassel detail on the bottom necklace. It's adjustable and is a great accent along the neckline. I love the simple yet elegant style of this piece.

Left to Right: Gold two row thread chain tassel necklace, Gold triangle with circle drop chain choker, Gold/turquoise disc chain necklace

Gold two row thread chain tassel necklace

This two row gold necklace with peach thread tassel detail and gold circle detail is a fun piece to add to your wardrobe. I love the two row design which makes wearing the multiple necklace style that much easier to pull off. It has a nice long length that can compliment so many outfits.

Gold triangle with circle drop chain choker

This thin choker necklace with an adjustable clasp features a triangle and circular drop down detail. I love the delicate look of this necklace.

Gold/turquoise disc chain necklace

The gold necklace with the turquoise disc and gold tassel drop is another favourite of mine. It has an adjustable back and I really like the larger open link design chain. This is a statement piece that can be worn to dress up, but it can also be worn to give a more casual look that extra bit of flair. Also I love blue or anything in that colour family, so I'll be wearing this necklace a lot.


The last items that I received were the black side zip riding boots. I love them!

Black side zip riding boots

These knee-length riding boots have a small heel and flat sole, side zip design and are made of a mix of PU (polyurethane) and fabric materials. I adore these boots because of their sleek design and they are so comfortable to wear.


I love everything that I received. As I said at the beginning, it was hard to pick only a handful of favourites because there are so many fabulous items to be found at LOTD. I'll definitely be visiting this great site again in search of my next favourite piece and the next and the next...

Have a look for yourself. You'll be glad that you did!

Disclosure: I was gifted items in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Joy of Language

Image credit: Pxhere

There is something about reading that is so compelling that you can’t stop and when a book ends you have a small period of sadness that you couldn’t continue on with the characters. As human beings, we are all obsessed by stories whether they come in book form or as films or radio shows. We love to know more about each other and even invent characters to explore issues and topics too.

As social animals, language is what drives us together, keeps us happy and allows us greater access to understanding the world as we see it but also how other people see it. In short, language is a true joy that should not be underestimated.

Communication Makes Us Happy

If you have ever spent time alone then you will understand how detrimental it can be to your health. Humans are social creatures and even if you think that you like being a hermit, after a day or two in solitary confinement, you will almost certainly be going a bit stir crazy.

In fact, communication is so important that you shouldn’t limit your chatter to friends and acquaintances. Talking to strangers is a good way to boost your mood and even seems to improve our social interactions with loved ones as well. This is quite surprising given that modern society can feel so cold, especially in large cities like London.

But, try chatting to the person next to you on the bus and see what happens. Even in London, you can almost guarantee that they will respond.

We are Built to Learn Languages

Learning to speak comes naturally to the vast majority of children. The brain seems to be programmed and ready to accept the languages it is exposed to from a young age and children are definitely more adept at learning new languages than adults. Though we tend to teach languages by memory and rote, it is clear that children learn through mimicry and experimentation, learning the rules naturally rather than uniformly. Understanding this is the foundation of learning a new language and courses such as the Effortless English Club utilize this method over others.

Interestingly, people who have multiple languages tend to think differently in each language as the tone lends itself to a particular frame of mind. This is intriguing because polyglots also seem to use these different languages to hop from idea to idea, choosing the language that fits, rather than the one we have. It rather suggests that though language is what we have to arrange our thoughts, it is also affecting what those thoughts are in the first place.

Telling Stories

So what do we do with all this skill? We tell stories and we consume stories all the time.

A big part of the joy of storytelling and reading is being able to vicariously experience something completely different to what you know and understand about the world. It gives you the ability to empathise with someone you have never met and probably will never meet and the sensation of forging a connection between the two of you.

Language connects us all.

*Collaborative post

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Trees

I love trees in all seasons. The trees in winter especially intrigue me though. They are mysterious and beautiful. 

Friday, January 05, 2018

Love Is All Around

I saw the shape of a heart in the sunlight through the trees this morning. 

Love is all around ❤

Happy Friday 😊