Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Memories

Happy Sunday!

I hope that you're having a wonderful Sunday wherever you are. I like Sundays for various reasons as many of us do. 

Sundays always remind me of growing up back home in Georgia. Some of my most vivid and cherished memories were of Sundays when my family would gather to break bread together and have Sunday dinner (lunch). It used to be me, my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, my aunts and my least two Sundays a month.

During the spring and summer, we used to go out and sit on the front porch after dinner. Those were the days. When I'm home again I'd like to bring this tradition back in some shape or form. My parents, aunts and uncle are no longer here, but it would be great for those of us who remain to pick up the tradition and bring it alive again. I know that I can't make everything the same, but that's the beauty. Out of the soil of tradition, perhaps we can create new memories to cherish. I'm gonna work on it 😉

I took the picture of the rose above on this side of the Atlantic. It's in our backyard. I often feel a connection between Georgia and Wiltshire through memory...usually through nature. This rose reminds me of many Sundays when I'd pick a rose or two from the yard, along with some violets and morning glories and give them to my mother. I'd usually get a thorn or two sticking me in my finger, but I don't remember it hurting. I just remember the childhood joy that I felt. 

We had white roses and red roses. We also had pink roses which were called Seven Sisters roses. I loved the the Seven Sisters roses because they grew in groups of usually seven like a ready-made bouquet. Recently I was doing a bit of research and found out that apparently they're antique roses. Who knew? I sure didn't. It makes sense though because they had been growing there WAY before I came along and then some according to my auntie. 

So today as I enjoy this Sunday, I'll relish the day in the present and smile as I remember the past. 

I hope that your Sunday is wonderful 😊

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