Saturday, February 10, 2018

I Love Trees

I love trees.

 I've mentioned that here many times. Trees have always intrigued me. I love them in all seasons.

During the spring, they sprout out in gentle greens and flower buds, as the new growth in them reminds us of the renewal of the season.
During the summer, they are green and alive and provide shade from the sun and offer us a canopy to lie under and dream.

During autumn/fall they show their many colors to us and make us marvel at their beauty.

Winter brings us a view that at first looks bleak with the absence of the leaves, but if we look closer, there is a true beauty. The bare branches reach towards the sky and appear like sculptures. They are dramatic and moving. 

I love trees.


Mike Golch said...

winter trees kinda give me the blues especiallt when they are snow covered like I have here in Ohio,but soon it will be spring a time for rebirth.

Dori said...


I can understand what you mean about winter trees. They can make us feel melancholy sometimes. I'm ready for that spring rebirth too my friend :)