Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Shared Supermoon

I know that it's a fresh new month, but before I go forward, I'd like to take a moment to celebrate the absolute beauty of the supermoon last night. It was glorious!

Some places in the world got the opportunity to see a blood red moon, but we didn't get that here. The pictures that I've seem online have been extraordinary!

Even though we didn't get to see the blood red moon here, the big, round pearlescent beauty that we saw was a joy to see! I adore a full moon anyway...I've always been drawn to it since I was a little girl. Therefore, a supermoon that's bigger and closer really makes me happy. And living in England, where clear skies can be a bit hard to come by sometimes, makes a clear view of the moon extra precious. 

Below are a couple of pictures that I took of the supermoon as it rose above the horizon here in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

And the two below were taken by my sister Grace, back home in Georgia. She sent these to me while I slept on this side of the world. Her pictures were there to greet me when I checked my phone this morning. Absolutely beautiful! Her pictures warmed my heart because I know the exact spot where she was standing when she took them. That's the view down the hill, to the east, that I saw every day growing up in our family home. I've had the absolute pleasure to live in two beautiful places on this planet. Our planet is beautiful all over. I love that my sister (and all my loved ones back home) and I saw the same beautiful moon on opposite sides of the Atlantic...separated for now by the ocean, but always side by side in our hearts ❤

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