Saturday, February 02, 2019

Healthier Saturdays and the Moon

Happy Saturday!

I'm feeling better than I did two Saturdays ago or even one Saturday ago. I pray that the flu is gone and that I'm never that sick again. As I mentioned previously, I actually took the flu shot, but I still got the flu. Oh well, nothing is 100% effective. I'll still get the flu shot next time around because you just never know. Anyway, I'm extremely grateful to be feeling better and I'm praying for a full recovery and for my full energy to return soon. 🙂

As I mentioned the other day, as I feel better and better, I'd like to get back here more regularly to share what I'm up to, more like I used to in the earlier days of this blog. I'm also still loving taking photos, so I'd like to share them here again, even though I share them on Instagram often. I know that not everyone is on Instagram, so I'm going to get back to sharing them here on the blog also. I hope you'll enjoy taking a look.

To kick things off with sharing photos, I thought that I'd share a series of images that I shared on Instagram a few weeks back. I was walking home when I took these. The evening sky just took my breath away with its beauty. Nature is amazing! They're a little bit fuzzy, but I took them as I was walking briskly in the very cold evening air 😉

I loved getting a glimpse of the crescent moon along with all of that fantastic color! I love the moon!

I hope that you're having a great Saturday wherever you are.

Happy weekend! 

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