Thursday, October 24, 2019

Reading and Reacquainting

Lately, I've been doing my best to get back into reading more. I used to read all the time, but in the last couple of years or so, I've not read much at all and I feel the lack of it in my life. I took the photo above on this past Sunday morning as I did a bit of reading while having a few grapes.

I've realized something in my quest to read more. I'm actually spending too much time scrolling through my phone, looking for nothing in particular. This takes up so much no wonder I haven't got much reading done.

Therefore, I'm going to try to scroll less and read more. There's nothing wrong with dipping into my phone once in a while to see what's going on. I just simply need to balance my time a bit better and stop compulsively picking up my phone. Reacquainting myself with reading again is like rediscovering an old friend...who happens to be myself  :)

Here's to reclaiming my time.

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