Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Sunday in 2020

fall autumn leaves

I just thought that I'd check in for a moment. Even though I'm more sporadic here these days, it's not due to lack of interest. I always wish that I had more to say when I come here, but like most human beings, this year especially has been having its way with me. It's difficult to gather my thoughts these days. But I guess that I should be kind to myself and just not force anything. I mean, we're all somehow getting through a pandemic, on top of political turmoil, with our own personal losses and worries thrown on top of this steaming pile of a year. 

Sometimes when I let my mind "go there", I'm astonished at how it seems that ten years have been packed into one. Maybe that's why I feel tired all the time. 

Here's to better days ahead and more to say here :-)

I hope that you have a good week wherever you are.

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