Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hotels for Good Times and Rights of Way

Yesterday was a good day again. Here in England they have an extra Easter holiday on the Monday after Easter, called appropriately, Easter Monday. How cool. As far as I am concerned, any extra day that I get to hang out with my Brit Boy is a good thing. Well he is a cutie so how can I resist. (wink) So anyway, we went into town and picked up a few things that we needed. We were mainly going into town to pick up a gift for our nephew, who is having his birthday this Friday. We got that and then we decided to go and browse in the music store, but didn’t buy anything. We passed by the shop where we got our wedding bands and we always do this thing where we look into the window to see if the guy that sold us our rings is still there. We call our little game…wait for it…”Spot the Ring Guy”. He was hilarious and kind and I told Brit Boy that he looked like he would be one of those guys in one of those hip 60's detective shows with the closely fitting swanky suit. He is a guy of a certain age so I figure he must have been pretty cool back in the swinging 60s because he still has that air about him now. Anyway, he was cool. So the week after we bought our wedding bands two years ago, he wasn’t there for about two weeks in a row and we joked that he must have retired to some tropical island with the proceeds from the sale of our rings. Yeah right. (laugh) Our ring commissions would have possibly got him a nice pub meal and a trip to the movies. So after those two weeks he was back and since then when we pass by we always look in to see if he is there. It’s just nice to know that he is there…continuity you know. And he was so nice to us that when he does retire, I hope he has the best of everything. (smile)

After hanging around town for a bit, we then went to have a bite to eat. A simple bit of fish and chips and we were set. And then we drove home and took the scenic route. As I have mentioned before, we live in a small village and drive into a bigger town to shop and things. So we get the great pleasure of going through some of the greenest lovely landscape that you could ever lay your eyes upon. Lots of rolling hills, sheep grazing, and little cottages and it makes my touristy radar soar. I have been here nearly two years and I am more used to things here. But sometimes I release that familiarity and just put on my non-native cap and take all the beauty and difference in. I keep telling Brit Boy that we shall have to take some long walks in the countryside when the weather finally turns a bit warmer. They have paths along a lot of the fields that are public right of ways, so you can walk along the hills and across some of the meadows and soak it all in. He is keen to do it too. So when we do get a chance to take some walks out there, I will certainly post the photos here on my blog. I can’t keep all that beauty to myself. (smile) So watch this space for my photo love letter to the Wiltshire countryside. It is truly gorgeous.

In other news…after Brit Boy and I got back home, we decided to go ahead and book our hotel for our trip to London in April. We have a lot of activity coming up in the next few months that I will share with you here. In April, we are going to London for a long weekend to hang out and sort out my new visa. We are also going to the theatre to see a play. I will definitely share here in this space how awesome it all was. I love going into London and I love taking photos there, so I will be posting some of those photos here also. Then the next day we are meeting a new friend of mine for lunch. And the next day, we are heading to the immigration office to get my new visa. I will write more and tell about all of that closer to time. So anyway, the Brit Boy and I went ahead and booked our hotel online and it looks great in the ad. But I tell you, I always have a great time when we get to go to London, so even if it was a tent, I would be grinning from ear to ear. So here’s to booking hotels for good times.

Brit Boy and I will also have to be booking a hotel soon for our next trip into London after that. We are going to be going to…wait for it again….we are going to Wimbledon in June and we were gobsmacked when we got that news! We had to enter into a public ballot back in December and to our great surprise we got tickets. And the really, really cool bit is that we got CENTRE COURT!!!! We do still not believe that bit of luck. So now we are both just praying furiously that there is no rain. (smile) I will certainly be sharing that in future entries and letting you all know how it all went. The Brit Boy and I are doing our best to make the times as good as they can be these days, because we have been through a lot of bad things over the past two years. So it is time to live, love, and let the good times roll!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dori

I have recently come across your blog, and am loving reading about your life in England. I have laughed out loud on a number of occasions! You sound like you have a real sense of fun :)

It looks like you and "Brit Boy" have some exciting times ahead of you this summer. I would love to go to Wimbledon myself but never have. I look forward to hearing your tales from The Big Smoke.

Good luck with your visa and everything. As I said, I am really enjoying your tales and look forward to the next instalment.

Dori said...

Thanks Julie for your comment. I am glad that you are enjoying my adventures in England and me and Brit Boy's sense of humor. I will definitely be sharing my tales of our trip to Wimbledon and I will post some pics. And thanks for your good wishes on me getting my visa. Thanks for coming back to read about what I am getting up to here in England. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dori,

Deana Here, How nice is it to have Easter Monday off he? And I don't know about England, but we have Boxing day off too here in the Netherlands.

Last night was the big night Dori, we have moved our clock again and summertime started.

Do you know that I have been in the Wimbledon Stadium in the year before Wimbledon Chanpionship existed 100 year.(As a young kid I always said "See Wimbledon and die". At least I have seen it once.
I can now visualize my self living on the Paradise Island of Dominica in a few years from now.
And stop struggling in my business and start succeeding big time.
(Hey please don't mind my grammer).

I still have a picture of my self as a nice young lady in front of the establishment.I Love that picture and I've bought a very nice book there.With all the bigg Tennis Champs in it. I still enjoy it.
Isn't that nice?

I still haven't been to a live match yet though.

Dori, I will connect with you on WIM, because I want to invite you to go to a two day seminar/workshop with me in London on the 14th and 15th of coming June.

I'll tell you more about it later.
Enjoy your Sunday with your Brit Boy.

Warm Regards,
Your friend, Deana

Dori said...

Yes Deana, I do love those Easter Mondays and Boxing Days here. (smile) You read my mind because I am so excited about the clocks changing too. That is so cool that you have been to Wimbledon. I can't wait to see it all and take it in. I would love to see that photo that you have. I will definitely connect with you at WIM and I will tell the Brit Boy that you said hello. (smile)