Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great Documentary

I forgot to mention in my Easter Monday entry that Brit Boy and I watched this intriguing documentary on that afternoon. There was a documentary that was shown on The History Channel called “Life After People”. It was fabulous. The program was about a look into the future of the planet after all the people are gone. It analyzed what the planet would look like and be like a year, five years, twenty years, and further so on, after there were no people left on the planet due to the humans dying out in one way or another. It examined how the landscape would change with no one here to maintain it and how animals would adapt. It also looked at how long different man-made structures would last over thousands of years. I thought it was very interesting that some of the oldest structures such as the pyramids and other stone structures from long times past would survive way longer than our more recent structures. It says something about quality I guess. And it is interesting that they say that our modern recordings of history may not outlast ancient recordings of history such as the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. The show was based on the speculations of what might happen, but it was still intriguing viewing.

The documentary has me still thinking after a couple of days and has given me some personal perspective on things. It made me see that a lot of the day to day annoyances that I endure will not matter as time passes and they will pass on into my personal history and that will be that. I also was reminded of how fleeting life is. And that man’s time on Earth in comparison to the life of the planet, is tiny. So I just want to enjoy my life and at the end to know how amazing it is to have lived.

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