Sunday, March 30, 2008

Summer Time, Earth Hour, and Acupuncture

Today is Sunday and as usual it is thankfully a day of calm for both me and Brit Boy. We usually take a bit of time for ourselves on this day. For a couple of hours we split off and he goes to watch his football or something else sporty and I go online and read up on things and/or come to my blog here. Then we come together later and have something to eat and enjoy the view outside to our back garden. Then we may watch a DVD or whatever else we can find of tv and just slob out for the rest of our Sunday together. During these past winter months we have had only one complaint, the days are so short that by the time we finish “doing our own thing” it is dark outside and we both know that Monday is coming. Ugh! (smile) But still it is a good time with just us. Although today is that much better and gloriously uneventful, because today the weather is lovely outside right now. It is sunny here and there, so it has made me think that spring may finally be arriving. Also in the middle of the night/early this morning we turned our clocks over to British Summer Time here and so today is our first day of glorious longer daylight. (smile) And then to just make it even more brilliant, today the ice cream man came down our street a few moments ago with his happy tune playing to pull all of us kids of all ages out of our houses. Oh joy!! So I hope that all of this is a good omen to the great spring and summer times ahead.

I was going to post an entry yesterday, but I decided to do my part with the whole Earth Hour campaign and make it an all day thing as far as having my computer on. Next year I want to do more. Anyway, for those of you that missed it, Earth Hour was on yesterday, March 29th and it was an event to get people around the world to turn off their lights and conserve energy in a sort of rolling blackout across the planet at 8pm wherever you were. I know that can’t stop all of our energy issues that we now face, but I think that it is a great campaign of awareness. I also just think that it is cool that people on different continents were all working for a common cause despite borders to raise awareness and put practices into their own lives everyday to do better. They have already started a countdown on their website towards the Earth Hour 2009 event. If you want to have a look at their website, it is at I have also placed a link to their site on the right side panel of this page. I am no environmental expert, but I hope to learn more. (smile)

I did have to go into town yesterday to have my acupuncture for my pesky back and hip. It was cool as usual. Karen the owner was there…smiling as always and there was a new acupuncturist there. She was filling in for the regular one. The substitute acupuncturist was very thorough and kind. She instructed me to lie down on my back instead of my customary face down so that she could do something about my sinuses. I came into the shop coughing a bit and she asked me what was going on. I told her that I am having a bit of a sinus flare up, so she said that she could help with that too. So I got my hip and back needles put in from the side and then my face turned into a pin cushion. She placed two needles in each eyebrow area and then placed a needle on either side of my nose. After she left me there, I wished that I had a compact mirror so I could see how freaky I must have looked with the needles protruding out of my face.(smile) I left as always feeling ten times better, so I think it has been a great help to me. When I first started going to get treatment, I shuffled in like an old lady because I was in so much pain. I can’t say for anyone else, but acupuncture seems to be the thing for me.

After Brit Boy and I left the acupuncturist,we were walking back to our car, and we were stopped by this guy dressed in jeans, a jacket, and cap…your average guy. He gave us this grand story about his girlfriend and how she had stolen his cell phone and had taken his wallet. He seemed desperate. He says she had left him stranded and he needed a few coins to put with what he had so that he could walk to the train station and get home to wherever he lived. He was very polite and I could write a page here just telling his story. Brit Boy and I both stood there and listened to his story. However, as I listened to him, I glanced at his hands to see if any funny business was happening. I didn’t want to be on the news with them saying that we got attacked over a few pounds. I guess you have to be careful and aware everywhere these days. (smile) So we played it safe. Anyway, Brit Boy and I looked at each other as he finished talking and I shrugged and handed him a couples of pounds. Then he thanked us and walked away and we walked the other way. Now, I know that he was a stranger to us and we all come across these situations from time to time. I like to think that he was telling me the truth, but then I am not naive and I know that he could have been not telling the truth, but that is not my thing to figure out. Maybe he was totally lying, or maybe he was sincere, who knows. The more jaded parts of us all, likes to imagine that this guy was a druggie or something else sinister, but I will never know. I just hope that the tiny bit of help that we offered this stranger helped.

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