Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Bit of Paris

Today Brit Boy and I went into town. I was having acupuncture once more. I will soon be giving this up for a while. I am feeling much better. I may go back to it again possibly later in the autumn. Karen and Ta were kind today as they always are. This time I got a few needles in my face for my sinuses. It was weird to look down and see needles sticking out from the sides of my nose. EEK!! (smile) I got my customary needles in my back and it was a pretty normal session. After I was finished, I went out to the desk to speak with Karen. I usually ask her, as I point to the shelves, “So what’s that for?” There seem to be millions of different herbs and potions. I am always intrigued. She is always good about telling me how things work together and she will give me a short explanation on the overall fit of all of these things into Chinese culture. Then she asked me what time I would be coming next Saturday and I reminded her that I wouldn’t be able to come because I will be in London with Brit Boy. And I said that I would come the week after. I told her that we were going up there to sort out my visa and she remembered then. I told her that I was a bit apprehensive about going to the appointment, but that I was glad that I would be finally getting it over and done with. She understood. Karen wished me good luck with the appointment and she hoped that I had a gloriously charmed week. She is so fab. I love talking to her.

I went along to reunite with Brit Boy. I popped into the drug store to get some things I needed. I got exfoliating wipes, face cleanser, and moisturizer. I had to stock up. Thankfully I am blessed with okay skin and have never had a real problem with breakouts, but I figure that as time marches on, I had better pay a bit of attention to my skin. So I have recently tried to do a lot better. Then Brit Boy and I dropped into the grocery store and picked up a few things.

After that, we rounded the corner and this will show how of one mind Brit Boy and I are sometimes. It gets weird honestly. (smile) Anyway, at the same time we both said, “Hey, they are having a French Market over there,” as we both pointed ahead of us. We looked at each other and laughed. We have known each other nearly six years and we have always had this thing between us where we say the same thing at the same time. We used to be invited to the house of one of Brit Boy’s acquaintances, to have a Game Night. We would play Pictionary a lot. This game as you may know is one where you draw something on a pad and your partner has to figure out the phrase or whatever. Well, we would always get it right in seconds. Needless to say, they didn’t want to play Pictionary with us anymore. (laugh)

So anyway, we went over to take in the French Market. Each year or sometimes twice a year they will have a French Market that stops in town and they have stalls with all kinds of French goodies. The first stall had garlic prawnies and I couldn’t pass them up. I got a small cup for £3. The fellow was French, authentically so, and I thought for a moment about trying my pathetic French skills on him. But he smiled and gestured with his hands to the couple ahead of me and asked if they wanted a small or large cup. So he did the same to me. He was very jovial. I thanked him. The garlic prawnies were amazingly good. They were so huge. I was getting full after three, but I ate all of them…I wasn’t gonna let something that good go to waste. Brit Boy didn’t want any. As we walked down past all the stalls there were many great things. They had olives, ham, and all kinds of lovely cheeses and things. It was so lovely because it brought back fond memories of Paris for me. The only tiny drawback was that today has been especially cold and misty. Not great strolling weather, but for Brit Boy and I, it just seemed like a little piece of wonderful. It was a year ago nearly to the day that we were in Paris last year for our anniversary, so it was a great way to take us back.


Anonymous said...

Hey AG and Brit Boy,

Enjoy your Sunday.
The French cuisine is good, I like it too.

Byefor now and we'll keep in touch Dori.

Warm Regards,

Dori said...

Hey Deana,

You enjoy your Sunday with your family too. Yeah, I love the French cuisine! I am having longing for France again. This time last year we were getting ready to head over there. So to keep me going until we can return again sometime, I have been watching a Paris webcam. (laugh)

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting and we will most certainly be keeping in touch my friend.

All the best,